Do This: IlluminAsia (10/14-10/15/17)

Food at IlluminAsia! (Photo from

How about a weekend in DC with Asian food, art demonstrations and live music?

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Concert Review: Mandolin Orange @ 9:30 Club (9/27/17)

Mandolin Orange
Mandolin Orange (Photo from FB @MandolinOrange)

As we waited in anticipation, instruments sat quietly alone on the backlit 9:30 Club stage. Just the basics for folk artists. A drum set, a cello, three guitars and a banjo.

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Festival Pick: All Things Go Fall Classic 2017 (10/6-10/8-17)

All Things Go
(Photo from Twitter @AllThingsGo)
DC’s very own music festival is coming!

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2017 Snallygaster in Review


The 2017 Snallygaster, the self-described “Beastly Beer Jamboree,” was bigger than ever with over 400 beers. It seems like every year there are more and better beers, because there are. The participating breweries really brought their A-games with a host of extremely rare beers. Several gems weren’t even listed ahead of time and had to be discovered by exploring or talking to fellow craft-beer fans.

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