Drink This: Holiday Deliciousness @ RIS

Fig and Bourbon @ RIS
Fig and Bourbon @ RIS

Holidays can lead to a number of new flavor options, especially for cocktails. Far too often these fall cocktails lack creativity. Not at RIS, and certainly not for the Fig and Bourbon cocktail!

Figs have a slightly sweet earthy flavor that intuitively seem to pair well with the oaky depth of a good bourbon. The key is not to bury the fig in sugar and to give the bourbon more than a passing role in the cocktail.

The drink is definitely fig and bourbon forward. Those are clearly the dominant flavors, but more to the point they really do come together to form a new more powerful flavor than the bourbon on fig could achieve on their own, with a kind of earthier, slightly sweet bourbon note. Fantastic! One my top cocktails ever!

Not to mention the bourbon soaked fig is a tasty garnish!

One word of caution, the drink may not be on the menu anymore. It was, then it wasn’t, but on a recent visit I was able to order it even if wasn’t on the menu. I was able to get one as recent as mid-December.

While you are at RIS (incidentally, the food is great!) please try out their massive and deep gin menu (called the Gin Mill). There are homemade tonics, and an extensive list of tasty and rare gins which are featured in both G/T’s as well as unique cocktails. Stay tuned for a review.

Fig Bourbon Ris
Full Fig and Bourbon @ RIS


Author: Sean Barrett

Amateur drinker and bartender. Lover of bourbon and good cocktails.

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