Do This: Atlas INTERSECTIONS Festival 2019 (2/21-3/3/19)

(Photo from

The art festival you need to experience returns in February.

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Deciphering DC: City Views (Paintings by Elaine S. Wilson)

'Renovating The Capitol (Closed View)'
‘Renovating The Capitol (Closed View)’ by Elaine S. Wilson

Check out these cool plein air oil paintings of DC.

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Do This: Evenings at the Edge @ National Gallery of Art (Starts 9/13/18)

Evenings at the Edge
Visitors enjoy the East Building Roof Terrace during a recent Evenings at the Edge program. (Photo Credit: National Gallery of Art, Washington)

DC is abounding with possibilities. You should definitely be taking advantage of your free museums and galleries as often as possible.

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Do This: 2018 H Street Festival (10/13/18)

2017.09.17 H Street Festival, Washington, DC USA 8726
2017’s H Street Festival (Photo from Flickr User: Ted Eytan)

The H Street Festival returns on September 15th! (Editor’s Note: The Festival has been postponed due to Hurricane Florence, new date is October 13th!!)

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Do This: IlluminAsia (10/14-10/15/17)

Food at IlluminAsia! (Photo from

How about a weekend in DC with Asian food, art demonstrations and live music?

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