Do This: Evenings at the Edge @ National Gallery of Art (Starts 9/13/18)

Evenings at the Edge
Visitors enjoy the East Building Roof Terrace during a recent Evenings at the Edge program. (Photo Credit: National Gallery of Art, Washington)

DC is abounding with possibilities. You should definitely be taking advantage of your free museums and galleries as often as possible.

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Do This: 2018 H Street Festival (10/13/18)

2017.09.17 H Street Festival, Washington, DC USA 8726
2017’s H Street Festival (Photo from Flickr User: Ted Eytan)

The H Street Festival returns on September 15th! (Editor’s Note: The Festival has been postponed due to Hurricane Florence, new date is October 13th!!)

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Do This: IlluminAsia (10/14-10/15/17)

Food at IlluminAsia! (Photo from

How about a weekend in DC with Asian food, art demonstrations and live music?

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Deciphering DC: Inventing Utamaro @ Freer|Sackler

Inventing Utamaro
Sackler Gallery

Not that I try to be trendy (I still haven’t selfied myself in the Infinity Mirrors at the Hirshhorn), but sometimes things I find interesting have a limited lifespan. Those are the breaks.

The exhibit ‘Inventing Utamaro: A Japanese Masterpiece Rediscovered’ has a limited run (until July 9th), so if you’re going to experience it, don’t delay too long.

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