Sports Pick: 2017 GEICO Motorcycle Budds Creek National (8/19/17)

Martin at Hi Point
Alex Martin pulls the second moto holeshot at this year’s Hi Point National, June 17   (R. Toole)

Imagine 40 high-powered motorcycles waiting for the crack of the start gate. The brassy roar of engine cleaves the air as riders speed toward the first turn, rail around dirt berms, soar over jumps, and poetically double through rhythm sections. Is it even physically possible to travel this fast over a dirt course? And what is the main source of fuel?? High-octane gas? Or adrenaline??

Here’s your chance to find out.

Mark your calendars for the weekend of August 19, when the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship visits Mechanicsville, Maryland for the annual race at Budds Creek.

Motocross is raced worldwide, and the American version has several local connections. You’ve probably heard of Travis Pastrana? He’s the brains behind the Nitro Circus, bred out of ESPN’s X Games. Travis is a former pro motocrosser, and hails from Maryland.

Another local-ish rider is Virginian Zach Osborne, who currently commands the points lead in the 250 class.

Zach Osborne
Virginian Zach Osborne on his way to the overall win at Hi Point  (R.Toole)

Your chance to see the top riders in the world is only an hour’s drive from comfy DC. There are two classes, differentiated only by the size of the bike’s engine. Each class races two halves, called ‘motos,’ and the combination of those two scores determines the overall winner.

With 2 classes racing 2 motos each, that’s a total of 4 races, which makes the day about 6 hours long (motos typically last 40 minutes and start at the top of the hour). First race goes off at 1pm, but it’s best to get there around noon to scope out the situation. It’s lawn seating, so if you want to sit down, bring your own lawn chair. There is a handicap seating section.

Blake Bagget
Blake Baggett won the 450 Overall at Hi Point  (R. Toole)

Tickets for Budds Creek can be found here.

Best thing about Budds Creek, besides being so close to DC?

It’s the penultimate round of the 12-round series, and the championship grows more competitive with each passing week. So the racing will be good!

Budds Creek ticket prices range from $20 to $100 (VIP).  Budds Creek Motocross Park (27963 Budds Creek Rd, Mechanicsville, MD 20659)

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