Drink This: Bourbon and… Carrot? @ Blue Duck Tavern

(Photo from: FB @BlueDuckTavern)

I’ll be honest. Bring me an orange bourbon drink and the response is likely to be skeptical. Tell me it’s based on carrot juice and I go to highly doubtful. Add in that it also has coffee and chances are you get something between scorn and disbelief.

I would be wrong. Very, very wrong. Introducing the “What’s Up Doc?” a bourbon, carrot and coffee cocktail from Blue Duck Tavern.

Although initially odd, the ingredients actually make sense. Bourbon drinks often have a sweet component (Old Fashioned), and carrots are certainly parts of many a tasty sweet treat. Coffee is also not an uncommon pairing with bourbon, and is typically used to add a deep, rich and bitter flavor. The genius here is in trying, and nailing, the use of both carrot and coffee.

I would describe the taste as a Manhattan-lite. Initially the flavor is that of a sweet Manhattan with a lingering carrot/coffee sweetness flavor. It’s not a super liquor forward drink, but it is tasty and very unique. Definitely one I’ll be looking to have again!

Blue Duck Tavern (24 & M Streets NW, Washington DC 20037)

What’s Up Doc?

Author: Sean Barrett

Amateur drinker and bartender. Lover of bourbon and good cocktails.

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