2017 Snallygaster in Review


The 2017 Snallygaster, the self-described “Beastly Beer Jamboree,” was bigger than ever with over 400 beers. It seems like every year there are more and better beers, because there are. The participating breweries really brought their A-games with a host of extremely rare beers. Several gems weren’t even listed ahead of time and had to be discovered by exploring or talking to fellow craft-beer fans.

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Drink This: Columbia Room

Parisian Sazerac No. 2

Congratulations to the Columbia Room, winner of this years Best American Cocktail Bar at Tales of the Cocktail! Truth be told I am a long time fan back to when the Columbia Room was a hidden back bar at the original Passenger.

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Drink This: Burtons’ Old Fashioned

Bartons old fashioned
Burtons’ Old Fashioned

In addition to recommendations for quality drinks, I will, on occasion, throw in helpful tips for identifying quality cocktail professionals – like the people at Burtons Grill and Bar.

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Drink This: Bourbon and… Carrot? @ Blue Duck Tavern

(Photo from: FB @BlueDuckTavern)

I’ll be honest. Bring me an orange bourbon drink and the response is likely to be skeptical. Tell me it’s based on carrot juice and I go to highly doubtful. Add in that it also has coffee and chances are you get something between scorn and disbelief.

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