Concert Pick: Eleanor Friedberger @ Pearl Street Warehouse (9/13/18)

Eleanor Friedberger
Eleanor Friedberger (Photo Credit: Chris Eckert)

Pearl Street Warehouse is the place to be on September 13th for a night of amped up indie rock!

Eleanor Friedberger sings. She plays the guitar. She writes songs. She plays the keyboard. And she’ll perform incredible music from her fourth solo album, Rebound, just for you at Pearl Street.

From Illinois, she previously was part of the indie band The Fiery Furnaces, with her brother Michael between 2003-2009. Her first solo album came out in 2009 and Rebound came out in May 2018.

Now 10 years into her solo career, she’s returning to DC (she played at the Black Cat last November), this time be there.

The songs from Rebound are full of life, replete with synthesizers and meditative lyrics. The album title comes from an 80’s goth disco club she visited while in Greece in 2016.

“In Between Stars” is the type of song you might hear at Rebound, while “Everything” is a melodic ode to not settling in life, instead reaching for it all.

Reach for your tickets here.

Tickets are $15. Doors at Pearl Street Warehouse open at 7pm. Show at 8:15pm. PILL is the opener.

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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