DC is an ever-evolving city. We like it. This blog takes you on a trip around DC. To make new discoveries and bring to life its food, sports, music, history and other good things.

Let’s explore together.

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There are many threads you can pull on to witness DC.


Bummers and Big Deals – some cool things, and a few that suck
Concert Pick – a concert we recommend
Concert Review – let’s talk about that concert
Deciphering DC – noteworthy or funky places/things in DC
Do This – an event or activity we recommend
Drink This – we recommend beverages to imbibe
Eat This – we recommend food to put in your mouth
Excursion – interesting trips or adventures to try in DC
Sports Pick – a sporting event we recommend

General Weekly Schedule

Monday & Tuesday Concert Pick, Do This and/or Sports Pick
Wednesday Eat This and/or Drink This
Thursday Deciphering DC
Friday Any or None

All poorly shot photos of food or other things in DC are available for autographing by the photographer.