DC is an ever-evolving city. We like it. Founded in 2017, our mission is to explore DC. To make new discoveries and bring to life its music, beer, food, history and other good things.

Let’s explore together.

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There are many threads you can pull on to explore DC.


Bummers and Big Deals – some cool things, and a few that suck
Concert Pick – a concert we recommend
Concert Review – a look at one of those concerts
Deciphering DC – noteworthy and funky places or things in or near DC
Do This – an event or activity we recommend
Drink This – we recommend beverages to imbibe
Eat This – we recommend food to put in your mouth
Excursion – interesting trips or adventures to try in or near DC
Review – reviews of events and places
Sports Pick – a sporting event we recommend

All poorly shot photos of food or other things are available for autographing by the photographer.

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