Do This: Brewers on the Block @ Union Market (8/25/18)

Brewers on the BlockThe fifth annual Brewers on the Block is August 25th!

To close out 2018’s edition of DC Beer Week, why not end strong with another beer festival down at Union Market? Brewers on the Block is the way to go.

Hosted by Buffalo & Bergen and Suburbia of Union Market, you can enjoy unlimited beer tasting from over 35 local breweries and cideries.

You can also enjoy the shops at Union Market, or the vendors and live music that will be on hand for this beer party.

Get on the block!

Get your tickets here.

Tickets are $55. From 6-9pm on August 25th. VIP is $75 from 5-9pm.

Suburbia @ Union Market (1309 5th St NE Washington, DC 20002)

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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