Bummers and Big Deals (8/3/18)

Some cool things, but also a few that suck.

Big Deals

The Washington Valor are your 2018 Arena Bowl Champions!! Nice work!

Capitol Cider House has finally opened in Petworth. Will need to make a trip to check it out. (Eater DC)

So, Duffy’s Irish Pub is moving to H Street NE (my hood)? That would be cool. (Popville)

Hey now, DC Beer Week is only a couple weeks away in August (from 19-26). Check out some of the events. (Do This)

The Red Boat, Vietnamese fusion, is coming to the old Micho’s space on H Street NE. Glad to finally get the lowdown on this, as Micho’s has been closed ‘for repairs’ since November 2017. (Frozen Tropics)

Man, last week we did a grand slam of concert reviews. That’s a lot of work. I’m beat! (A DC Journey Concert Reviews)

The Meatball Shop opens August 22nd. I mean, how can you go wrong with a bucket of meatballs? (Eater DC)

Audi Field is a pretty sweet place to watch a D.C. United soccer match. I saw them beat Colorado 2-1 on a last minute goal. There were a few kinks with the new stadium, but they’ll work it out. And it is STEEP to walk up to the your seats on south side of the field. I was starting to feel a bit of vertigo.


Storms suck. With flooding and downed trees to contend with, hopefully this weather goes away soon.

Micho’s on H Street NE is officially closed! Damn, I liked that place.

I NEVER win the Hamilton lottery and I’ve tried a million times already. Oh well, do I really want to see it? For a $10 seat, sure. Otherwise, there is plenty to do in DC. Plenty.

The Black Squirrel is closing. No!! (Popville)

Your DC Breeze lost to New York (they also shocked Toronto) in the playoffs. Bummer, but just wait until next season!

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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