Worst Closures on H Street NE (Ranked)

A concert at Rock and Roll Hotel (Courtney Marie Andrews – 9/20/18) (Photo Credit: Jeremy Bailey)

Restaurants and bars come and go, which is too bad, as many turn into our favorite places to hang out. Let’s look at some of the least desirable closings on H Street NE in the past 10 years.

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Deciphering DC: Guide to Indigenous DC

Dumbarton Bridge
Dumbarton Bridge (Photo Credit: Jeremy Bailey)

Since today (October 14th) is Indigenous People’s Day, here’s a look at a walking tour exploring the highlights and history of indigenous peoples in DC.

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Deciphering DC: Georgetown Canal Plan (Public Comment Period until 5/11)

Georgetown Canal Plan
Georgetown Canal Plan (Image from April 4th Public Meeting Presentation)

If you’re following the progress of the Georgetown Canal Plan, the National Park Service (NPS) held the third public meeting on April 4th to present the concept alternatives they’ve developed.

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Deciphering DC: City Views (Paintings by Elaine S. Wilson)

'Renovating The Capitol (Closed View)'
‘Renovating The Capitol (Closed View)’ by Elaine S. Wilson

Check out these cool plein air oil paintings of DC.

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Deciphering DC: Viewing Stones @ National Bonsai & Penjing Museum

Viewing Stones
Viewing Stones @ National Bonsai & Penjing Museum (Photo Credit: Jeremy Bailey)

Exploring DC should be on everyone’s agenda.

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