Bummers and Big Deals (4/6/18)

Dock 79 Volleyball Courts!
Dock 79 Volleyball Courts are gone!

Some cool things, but also a few that suck.

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Do This: Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival (4/14/18)

Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival
(Image from http://www.sakuramatsuri.org/)

Celebrate Japanese culture with the finale of the National Cherry Blossom Festival!

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Deciphering DC: Cherry Trees @ The Tidal Basin

2017-03-26 15.47.11
Jefferson Memorial and Cherry trees in D

Now that all the cherry blossoms in DC have come and gone, let’s reminisce.

I first discovered the brilliance of Spring cherry tree blossoms in Seattle at the University of Washington’s Quad, where 31 Yoshino cherry trees were re-planted in the 1960’s. I also witnessed cherry trees in Kyoto and Tokyo in 2008. The effect in all places was beautiful to be sure, but so far have paled in comparison to the volume of blooming cherry trees that we know so well from the Tidal Basin.

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