Do This: Maggie O’Neill’s “Let’s Play” @ Union Market Rooftop (7/28/19)

Maggie O’Neill’s
Maggie O’Neill’s “Let’s Play” artwork (Photo credit: Dominique Fierro)

Cool art in the city!

On Sunday, July 28th, head over to Union Market, and make your way to the rooftop, and get excited for an interactive art exhibit and experience by Maggie O’Neill.

It’s open to the public, and runs from 6-9pm.

The event will showcase 30 pieces of her original artwork and merchandise available for purchase, inspired by bingo, ice cream, roller skates and disco.

But there will also be activities and fun things, like three rounds of a 75-person life-size bingo, where you can win prints by Maggie and gift certificates to places like Lapis and Lapop.

Also live music and a roller skate raffle. Plus Union Market excels at food, so find Taco Bamba and other Union Market vendors to buy your dinner and snacks.

Maggie O’Neill is a D.C.-based artist and designer known for her depictions of local landscapes and people and the co-founder of SWATCHROOM. She describes her event:

“This experience is meant to be a piece of art as much as a single painting hanging on a wall. I want to create an experience that gets you inside the painting, creating a sensory experience meant to capture the nostalgia and universal themes of play and summer.”


It’s free, but RSVP here.

Last year Maggie also did a pop-up near Dupont Circle, on reusing parking tickets to make creative art. See the photo below.

Union Market Rooftop (1309 5th Street NE, Washington, DC 20002)

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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