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Capital Bikeshare’s Bike in Bloom

What is the Bike Angels program?

Bike Angels is a program for Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) users to help rebalance bikes across the system, by awarding users points for certain rides.

Note: Capital Bikeshare doesn’t share this data on its website, but since they re-introduced the Bike Angels program in May 2021, I’ve been keeping track of the point totals for the Top 10 riders for each month.

Using that, I’ve also created an All-Time list. Find a breakdown of the top 30 monthly point totals since May 2021. I’ve also created a list of all monthly winners by month. You can also find stats for 2022’s End of Year Report.

I’ll update this periodically to reflect new months. (Updated March 7, 2023)

Some factoids (for February 2023):

We have a repeat champion, winning both January and February.

Ol’ 776 strikes again! Now five months in a row achieving exactly 776 points!

February was the first month since April 2022 where the monthly winner did not crack 1000 points (980). And only one new entry to the Top 30.

Some factoids (for January 2023):

A rather chill month, only one Rider eclipsed 1000 points.

One Rider likes the number 776, they have achieved that same point total four straight months!

In the last couple months I’ve noticed the new U shaped seat adjuster on some bikes, now seeing it more often. Very nice, hope all bikes are outfitted with this soon.

New seat adjuster

Some factoids (for December 2022):

An epic battle went down for 1st place in December! Hope those Riders are okay.

December saw the second Rider to ever get to 3,000 points.

Some factoids (for November 2022):

Nothing special!

Some factoids (for October 2022):

The main update to the Bike Angels this month was in how to retain your x 3 point tier. Originally, once you unlocked this tier for 24 hours you simply had to take one more positive ride to reset the clock. But now they changed the requirements, and you need to take four additional positive rides to reset the clock, making it a bit harder to keep active.

I also added a new chart, showing all the monthly winners by month.

Nine different people have been a monthly winner since May 2021. You don’t get anything (pride?) for topping the list. Hopefully Capital Bikeshare can correct that and actually give a prize!

Some factoids (for September 2022):


Some factoids (for August 2022):

We have our first rider with 3,000 points in a month in August! That’s a lot of riding.

We can temper that number with the addition of the x 3 point option. When you unlock this tier, you get 3 times the points for rides.

Four of the top five all time point totals came in August.

Some factoids (for July 2022):

Six riders reached 1,000 points in July! Previously only five total riders had reached 1,000 points. Bike Angels is booming!

On August 8th, Capital Bikeshare introduced a 3x point tier for Bike Angels. If you unlock this tier (by completing three qualifying rides), the point totals available at each bike station are calculated x 3. The most points you could get in a single ride will now be 24 points.

Some factoids (for May 2021 through June 2022):

40% of the Top 30 list came in the last two months (May and June 2022)!!

Seven different people have finished first in the Monthly Leaderboard! The most by a single person is five first place finishes.

Bike Angels is a program for Bikeshare users to help rebalance bikes across the system, by awarding users points for certain rides. If you opt-in, you can see the bike stations with three statuses; a) Up Arrow, b) Neutral (no Arrow), or c) Down Arrow.

Only three (of nine) station to station ride combos will get you points. The three combos are 1) Up Arrow station to Neutral station, 2) Up Arrow station to Down Arrow station, or 3) Neutral station to Down Arrow station. All other combos negate any chance to earn points.

16 points is the maximum point total you could get in a single ride. 

* The Bike Angels program existed before Lyft bought Capital Bikeshare and before the pandemic. I did not track it from the beginning. There was also a window of time when they closed the program. But it was re-instated in May 2021, with revamped incentives, including a 5-tier reward program.

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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