Capital Bikeshare Bike Angels Leaderboard

Capital Bikeshare’s Bike in Bloom

What is the Bike Angels program?

Capital Bikeshare doesn’t share this old data, but ever since they re-introduced the Bike Angels program in May 2021, I’ve been keeping track of the point totals for the Top 10 riders for each month.

Using that data, I’ve also created an All-Time list. Find a breakdown below of the top 30 monthly point totals (between May 2021 and June 2022)*, as well as every monthly winner in that 14-month span (in Yellow).

Some factoids:

40% of the Top 30 list came in the last two months (May and June 2022)!!

Seven different people have finished first in the Monthly Leaderboard! The most by a single person is five first place finishes.

Bike Angels is a program for Bikeshare users to help rebalance bikes across the system, by awarding users points for certain rides. If you opt-in, you can see the bike stations with three statuses; a) Up Arrow, b) Neutral (no Arrow), or c) Down Arrow.

Only three (of nine) station to station ride combos will get you points. The three combos are 1) Up Arrow station to Neutral station, 2) Up Arrow station to Down Arrow station, or 3) Neutral station to Down Arrow station. All other combos negate any chance to earn points.

16 points is the maximum point total you could get in a single ride. 

* The Bike Angels program existed before Lyft bought Capital Bikeshare and before the pandemic. I did not track it from the beginning. There was also a window of time when they closed the program. But it was re-instated in May 2021, with revamped incentives, including a 5-tier reward program.

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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