Drink This: Snallygaster Beers (10/9/21)

The 2021 edition of Snallygaster will have a glorious return (after cancelling in 2020) this Saturday, October 9th!

There will be four DC breweries and two DC cideries pouring, as well as around 195 total breweries, mostly from the U.S., but 15 from other countries. There should be nearly 450 different beers to sample!

So how do you make sense of it all? 

Note that this year’s full Snally Beer List can be found right in the Untappd app, where you can sort and search for beers by brewery or style or popularity, etc.

If you don’t have Untappd, do you even like beer?

They thought ahead! You can also find a full list on Google Docs.

(Note: Names and numbers may change as additional beers are added (or removed) from the list. This list is heavy on local options, beers I have yet to try, and a few IPAs and stouts. Skip to the end if you want more variety.)

Beers You Should Try (If You Can)

India Pale Ales

Terrestrial (Imperial New England IPA) by 3 Stars Brewing Company (Snally Location: Rodan) – This is a new offering by 3 Stars, and I’m always down to check out new DC beers. It has no rating in Untappd so this is probably the debut!

All Riwaka Everything (Double IPA) by Other Half Brewing (Snally Location: Poseidon) – Ever since they opened a satellite brewery in Ivy City in 2020, I’ve been a big believer in Other Half beers, and will target them for sure. Most of their offerings are IPAs, but at Snally they will pour two IPAs, a stout and a lager.

Winning Streak (American IPA) by Fast Fashion (Snally Location: Drogon) – A Seattle-based brewery I have yet to try.

Mr. Potato Dead (New England IPA) by Abomination Brewing Company (Snally Location: Gargoyle) – Let’s try this based on beer and brewery name alone. Also, Wandering Into the Fog.

Ripple (Imperial IPA) by Foam Brewers (Snally Location: Nessie) – Oh, I love Foam Brewers in Burlington, VT, so I’m excited to see them here at Snally.


Caissa (Imperial Stout) by DC Brau Brewing (Snally Location: Rodan) – Winner of DC’s 2021 Battle of the Barrel-Aged Beers, and so far not available otherwise!

Black Tuesday Blueberry Pancake (Imperial Stout) by The Bruery (Snally Location: Jabberwock) – Clocking in at 19.2% ABV, this stout just sounds delicious even at such a high ABV, and boasts an impressive 4.60 rating on Untappd.

You Said It, Not Me (Imperial Milk Stout) by Southern Grist Brewing Company (Snally Location: Poseidon) – There are 53 stouts listed, so if this is your favorite beer style you are in luck! During DC Beer Week, Southern Grist did a preview at Shelter (in The Roost), and this was one of the ones I still need to try.

Apple Brandy Toast-E Coilz (Imperial Oatmeal Stout) by The Veil Brewing Co. (Snally Location: Nessie) – The Veil’s beers (located in Richmond) have always been great, and this 12% monstrosity sounds so crazy, that I must have it.

Belly Shirts (Imperial Stout) by Aslin Beer Company (Snally Location: Rodan) – This 15% beast will probably knock you on your belly, so after this it is time to skip past the strong beers and start with some reasonable ABVs.


Medusa/Passion Fruit + Dragon Fruit (Fruited Sour) by Mortalis Brewing Company (Snally Location: Cyclops) – From New York State, lets go with a low ABV sour (5%) and a high rating (4.42). You had me at Passion Fruit. Also, their Cerebus sour should be good while you’re there.

El Rayo 2021 (Fruited Gose) by Charles Towne Fermentory (Snally Location: Cyclops) – This Charleston, SC brewery’s take on making a margarita beer, aged in tequila barrels. Yes, please. At an Untappd rating of 4.5, others are saying the same thing.

Aguas Frescas (Fruited Sour) by Great Notion Brewing (Snally Location: Poseidon) – Speaking of refreshing sounding, this 6% ABV fruited sour has prickly pear, lime and pineapple!

Peachachu (Fruited Sour) by The Answer (Snally Location: Nessie) – Another Richmond brewery, this funky brewery is a fun place to visit. Look forward to trying their two sours.


Not everyone likes stouts, IPAs and sours…

Bluebird Bitter (English Bitter) by Coniston Brewing Company (England) – Time to go way down to 3.6% and sample a beer from a country other than the U.S. This English bitter should do the trick. (Note: Not sure if this one is still being offered, it’s on the Untappd list but not the Google docs.)

Golden Tiger Polotmavý 13° (Zoigl) by Wayfinder Beer (Snally Location: Poseidon) – This Portland, OR brewery’s collaboration with Heater Allen Brewing (OR) and Bierstadt Lagerhaus (CO) is a Zoigl beer, which is a German beer – like a Czech lager, that is traditionally brewed in Oberpfalz (between Eastern Bavaria and the Czech Republic). I have never had this style of beer, so I will be there.

Seekers After Light (2019) (Farmhouse – Saison) by Floodlands Brewing (Snally Location: Gamera) – Being from Washington State, I am very interested in this Seattle micro-brewery that started in 2017, which I have yet to try. This is also the highest rated beer at Snally (so far) on Untappd at 4.66.

Peeper (American Pale Ale) by Maine Beer Company (Snally Location: Jabberwock) – I love me some Maine Beer, and sign me up for a 5.5% Pale Ale.

La Di Da Di: Banana, Peanut Butter & Vanilla (Imperial Porter) by Twin Elephants Brewing Company (Snally Location: Gargoyle) – There are only five Porters (and one Pumpkin beer) on the list, so as one of my favorite beer styles I’m definitely going to try all of the porters, but this one seems like it will be the most fun to order. Say it five times fast. Twin Elephants is located in New Jersey.

Built By Pictures 2021 (Wild Ale) by Bluejacket (Snally Location: Poseidon) – A wine barrel-aged Wild Ale with lots of berries like strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry, plus vanilla. I’m always down for the new DC beers.

Let’s be real, this is only 20 beers out of 450. The possibilities are endless, you have your work cut out for you! If you try even 50 beers while at Snallygaster, consider yourself a beer champion. Also, if you do that, take an Uber or Lyft home.

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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