Breweries at Snallygaster + Aslin’s Sixth Anniversary Celebration

A few weeks ago Aslin Brewing held a series of fantastic events over three days to celebrate their sixth anniversary.

On Thursday and Friday night there were small events at both of breweries in Alexandria and Herndon with guest craft breweries from across the country pouring barrel-aged stouts and sours. Some of my favorite out-of-market breweries were there like Great Notion, Charles Towne, and Vitamin Sea to name a few. These events on Thursday and Friday night were basically perfect with amazing rare beers in an outside chill setting.

There were some breweries there I’d heard good things about but hadn’t had many of their beers, and there were some breweries I’d never heard of. I wasn’t familiar with Mortalis (from Avon, NY, just outside of Rochester) before that Friday night. They had the best beer of the event and had several more epically delicious beers at the big event on Saturday. Their barrel-aged Nyx was simply divine.

A brewery I’d heard of, but didn’t know much about was Southern Grist. They brought two pastry stouts that were two of the best pastry stouts I’ve encountered.

Mead is not a beer, but there were some meaderies there too. I’m not really a mead man, but I’d been hearing great things about Superstition Meadery (Prescott, AZ) for a few years. However, the $70+ for a bottle had always been too much for me. After three of their meads over the weekend, I’m now proud to say I’m a mead man. Their meads were incredible and worth every penny.

Snallygaster is tomorrow and Superstition, Southern Grist, and Mortalis are all going to be there pouring delicious beers/mead. In fact, they will be pouring some of the best drinks at Snallygaster. Be sure visit prioritize these breweries and hit them early, before they run out. A couple of other lesser known breweries to visit early are Fidens and Horus.

Author: Jeff Lucas

I like craft beers, a lot. So far I've had over 4,600 different beers and have been to 126 breweries in 27 states plus DC. Always looking to try something new, except when it is from the Bud Light "____ ____ rita" family. Follow my adventures in craft beer on Untappd at

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