Boost Your Playlist: “Waste My Time” by The Crystal Casino Band

The Crystal Casino Band
One of your favorite DC indie rock bands, The Crystal Casino Band, released a strong new single, “Waste My Time”, on January 29th!

Note: Boost Your Playlist is for songs either from local DC bands, or from artists that ‘recently’ performed live in DC.

The Crystal Casino Band self-describe “Waste My Time” as ‘a slow burn indie rocker tackling the subject of conflicted friends with benefits relationship.’ Then they want you to ‘imagine if Death Cab For Cutie wrote The Arctic Monkeys’ “505”‘.

They are not wrong. Opening “Waste My Time”, lead singer Pete Steven’s keen voice seemingly gives off a plaintive Alex Turner vibe. The Death Cab angst is also apparent, the dark chords of the guitar wallow dramatically around a bright, memorable bass line, and drum beats ebb and flow energetically once the song starts burning. The comparison may be apt and get you in the mood for some rock, yet the one thing missing is a manic Ben Gibbard cameo. Maybe they can correct that in the music video version. For now, your best bet is to be there at minute 1:28 when the slow burn ends.

“Waste My Time” is a superb song that you should deem worthy for your next playlist. It’s on ours.

The Crystal Casino Band changed their name in 2020, formerly known as The Colonies, they are Pete (guitar and vocals), Jarrod Hendricks (guitar), Joey Mamlin (drums), and Jordan Mullaney (bass). They started at George Washington University in 2015, and have three albums already.

Check out their website for merch and their previous albums. They are selling face masks for “Waste of Time” too! Let your face spread the news.

Have a listen or two.




Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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