Concert Pick: One Way Out @ Union Stage (8/20/21) and the New Single “Candy”

One Way Out rocks Union Stage. (Photo Credit: Alec Berry)

Is it time to start talking about live concerts again? Yes, yes it is.

One of DC’s epic rock bands, One Way Out, is prepping for their Summer tour this August starting in New York City. The tour will coincide with the release of their second album; The Sun, The Moon, The Truth.

The album drops on August 20th, the same day as their show at Union Stage, hence it shall forever be known as the ‘Album Release Show’.

But wait, there’s more! One Way Out has been releasing some fabulous songs in 2021 (like “Black Lungs (and a Broken Heart)” and “Red“), and will release their fourth single from The Sun, The Moon, The Truth on Friday, July 2nd.

Boost your playlist with the punk-laden “Candy”, about an infatuation that turns sour, captured in the abruptness of the shifts in contrasting instrumentation – from the vulnerable lyrics to the tantrum of a chorus that includes ‘You wrecked my mind’ and ‘Scary thoughts of you’, from the simple rhythmic chords and a moment of pizzicato strings near the end to the full rock detonation of fuzzed out guitar in the chorus. It covers many moods, from airy to cheeky to anger to loss, but the mood that should come over you is to go buy a ticket to their August 20th show and a copy of the album while you’re there.

The DC-based One Way Out as a band blends multiple musical styles and elements, including blues, psychedelic, and hard rock, and a little punk. They formed in 2012, and has five current members; Josh Gaba (lead vocals), Jake Schaefer (guitar), Giulio Iacoviello (bass), Geist Topping (drums), and Ari Rubenstein (keyboard).

Get your tickets here.

Tickets are $12*. Doors open at Union Stage at 7:00pm. Show at 8pm. Openers are Soraia, Bluewreck, and Fellowcraft.

Also, keep local music alive and kicking by buying their songs or sign up for the mailing list on their website.

* Protip: $12 dollars is the steal of the century! This show should be sold out.

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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