Boost Your Playlist: “Faith in You” by Emma G and a New Documentary (Born in Crisis)

Emma G (Photo courtesy of Keyboard Creative)
Emma G (Photo courtesy of Keyboard Creative)

Songs to get you through life.

Note: Boost Your Playlist is for songs either from local DC bands/artists, or from artists performing live in DC.

DC-based, and New Zealand-born, Emma G recently dropped her new single “Faith in You”, a glimpse into being vulnerable and isolated by trauma.

Emma G: “I’ve always been relatively outspoken about my physical scars – and how important it is to heal oneself, but writing “Faith in You” was a step towards emotional scars that I didn’t realize I needed to write until it was finished. This was only the second song of my “write a song a day” challenge back in February, and it definitely served as a massive “a-ha!” moment when I realized how important it was for me to finally trust vulnerability, trust love, and have faith that it would be okay to let my scars heal. Finally.”

Based in DC for the past 10 years, Emma G’s music is at times pop and R&B, but always earnestly stirring. She has released three albums so far, plus three live albums. She also is a writer (two books), a podcaster, and the subject a new documentary titled Born In Crisis.

Why all this creative output and a documentary about her life? Emma G’s is a remarkable story of survival that started when she was an infant diagnosed with the rare hydrocephalus. That condition required 24 surgeries, including an incredible 10 brain surgeries. Her story, her pain, and her scars are imbued into her music and her other works, and sharing with audiences that truth has been empowering for her journey, and empowering to those lucky enough to experience it.

The song “Faith in You” is about trusting people again, with lyrics like; ‘I’m breaking up with the past, that no longer serves me.’ and “I’ve always run away, my mask is my smile.’ The song is is subdued, but fierce. Heartbreaking, but revitalizing. And worth a listen.

The film Born in Crisis is available online for viewing on YouTube, and the soundtrack (her latest album which includes “Faith in You”) is available for purchase. Find the film and the soundtrack here.

Also, a few of Emma G’s upcoming shows:

  • July 29 – Spanky’s Shenanigans, Leesburg, VA @6pm
  • July 30 – Bear Branch Tavern @9:30pm
  • July 31 – The Brig @5:30pm
  • July 31 – Ireland’s Four Courts @10pm
  • August 6 – Oasis Amplified, Baltimore Harbor East (her album release show)
  • August 13 – Java Nation

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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