Interview: Broke Royals @ DC9 (8/16/19)

Broke Royals
Broke Royals (Photo courtesy of HIP Video Promo)

The gentlemen of Broke Royals talk about their new album.

In addition to our preview, we had a chance to hear from Philip Basnight and Colin Cross of Broke Royals in advance of their show at DC9 on August 16th. Here are a few choice answers via email.


A DC Journey: Your new album (Saint Luxury) is pretty great overall, what aspect in the process of creating it did you most enjoy?

Colin Cross: Oh man, we got to record the drums for this album in a huge venue in Richmond, VA. We wanted huge drum sounds, so it was just plain cool to get to record these drums in huge space and capture that sound live.


ADJ: What made you decide to focus on a particular theme for the album (about an angel seeking answers)?

Philip Basnight: Over the last few years it’s really become apparent that as humans we understand ourselves a lot less well than we think we do. Our brains compartmentalize and put everything in tidy boxes and tell everyone else they have the answers. Only when we break this pattern of thinking and recognize our limited understanding and start listening and asking questions can we truly begin to grow. This concept really inspired the writing on the album and is a through-line for all of the tracks.


ADJ: Which song from Saint Luxury do you most enjoy playing live so far?

Colin: Oooo tough one. I’m really enjoying them all but, as a huge fan of The Boss, “Born to Break” probably takes the cake.


ADJ: If you were standing outside the music venue you were about to perform at, what would you tell those walking by to encourage them to come inside?

Philip: “Great music Stage 1.” This is a loving nod to the first time we played NYC. Five bucks if you can guess the venue.


ADJ: Has anyone ever shouted something to you during a show that was especially memorable?

Philip: Already on this tour in Knoxville, a city we had never played before, we had fans shouting for us to play “Higher”. That was pretty cool way to kick off tour.


ADJ: What was the last song you couldn’t stop playing on repeat?

Colin: Easy. “Might Be Right” by White Reaper. Close second is “Sacrifices” by Dreamville.
Philip: Definitely “Summer Girl” by HAIM.


Get your tickets for August 16th here.

Tickets are $10. Doors at DC9 open at 7pm. Show at 7:30pm. Opener is Mystery Friends.

Also, here is “Bad Chemicals”, also from Saint Luxury.

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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