Concert Pick: Lowlight @ Galaxy Hut (8/26/19)

Lowlight (Photo Credit: Darren Cox)

Alt-country and new wave music? Let’s do it.

Galaxy Hut in Arlington, VA should be your music destination on August 26th, so you can witness the great sounding band Lowlight.

They self-define their sound as the merrily contradictory rejoinder, Roadhouse Chic, but other styles you may boldly apply include, alt-country, synth-laden new wave and indie rock. If you’re a fan of a band like HAERTS, you may very likely get on board with Lowlight.

Lowlight is from New Jersey, touring for their cleverly titled* new album, Endless Bummer, out on September 13th.

As lead singer Renee Haskin describes one of their singles, ‘Though we set out to make the music in “Horsefoot” sound expansive, the lyrics are about feeling claustrophobic and restless, both physically and psychologically.’

Some of their earlier songs, like “Bones”, are also great, highlighting Renee’s resonant and smoky voice. “Burkhalter” soars high, yet is arguably more chic than roadhouse, though I’d frequent any rowdy establishment that had it on their jukebox.

The rest of the band is Colin Ryan, Dana Sellers, Derril Sellers and Rey Rivera, and they still play at smaller places like breweries vs. big name venues, but I’m pretty confident you need start making a push to change that.

Usually you can buy your tickets at the Galaxy Hut door.

Tickets are $5. Music at Galaxy Hut starts at 8pm. Opener is Pagan Reagan.

* But many bands, and even a movie, used this name first.

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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