Concert Review: Warpaint @ Capital Turnaround (7/22/22)

Warpaint (Photo Credit: Mia Kirby)

Warpaint radiated into DC in the form of a monumental presentation of psychedelic and art rock at the still fresh, and quite full, Capital Turnaround on July 22nd.

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Concert Review: Stonefield @ Pie Shop (11/12/19)

Three of the four Findlay sisters aka Stonefield in Atlanta (Photo Credit: @jakezerkel)

The four Findlay sisters from Australia are four albums deep into their band Stonefield’s oeuvre, and they are good enough to be performing at bigger venues for even larger crowds.

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Concert Pick: Stonefield @ Pie Shop (11/12/19)

The sisters of Stonefield (Photo from FB @stonefieldband)

The psychedelic rock band, Stonefield, comes through the Pie Shop on November 12th and you should be there.

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