Interview: Flowerbomb

Rachel Kline of Flowerbomb (Photo Courtesy of Orpheus Music)
Rachel Kline of Flowerbomb (Photo Courtesy of Orpheus Music)

Rachel Kline, founder of Flowerbomb (a DC-based alt-indie rock band), shares some favorite experiences, habits, learning to become a professional band beyond live shows, and her current favorite DC-based band (not named Flowerbomb).

Listen to Flowerbomb’s single, “sorry”, off last year’s album pretty dark (via Mutineer Records), which won the 2021 Wammie for Best Rock Album. Then read up on the band below as shared via email from Rachel. 

Keep up-to-date with the band on their Bandcamp or Facebook page.

They have a bunch of shows in DC and Baltimore coming up this Spring, including a live set at the 2022 Wammie Award Show on March 26th at Capital Turnaround. (See flyer at the end for all their shows.)

A DC Journey: What has been your favorite experience so far as a musician/artist?

Rachel: My favorite experience as a musician was going on tour in 2016. We were just starting out as a band, and it was super DIY, but I had the absolute best time getting to travel around and play music for a crowd in a different city every night. We had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and play with so many amazing artists. It was also cool to witness the kindness of strangers and friends who let us sleep on their floors, cooked us meals, and sometimes even paid us out of their own pockets. I’m really excited to tour again sometime soon!

ADCJ: If you were standing near where you were about to perform, what would you tell those walking by to encourage them to come experience your show?

Rachel: I would tell them that we have contagious energy when we put on a live show. We always look like we are having the best time because we are! And that our music spans a wide variety of genres so no matter what kind of music you’re into, you’ll likely find at least one song to connect with.

ADCJ: Have you picked up any good habits over the past couple years (during the pandemic)?

Rachel: As a band, I think our work ethic has become incredible over the pandemic. Before COVID hit, we practiced and played shows frequently, but we never really thought about the business aspects of being in a band. During the pandemic, we were forced to think about things like marketing and music business, because we needed new ways to reach audiences and make money outside of playing live shows. Starting during the pandemic, Dan (drummer, producer, etc.of Flowerbomb) and I devised a schedule where we would work on all things Flowerbomb. This included researching music business and marketing, answering emails, planning livestreams, social media, demoing, etc. We were really forced to come to terms with how much work it is to be in a professional band, and we both decided we were up for it. Although shows are back for the time being, we still keep a consistent schedule of Flowerbomb related tasks and we are working harder than we ever have to see where we can go with this band. We both believe in this project so much, and it’s been great to see some of our hard work start to pay off this year.

ADCJ: If you could open for any band/artist in the world, which would you choose? Also, same for a local/DC band/artist, who would you be most excited to open for?

Rachel: Japanese Breakfast. We have been huge fans of Michelle Zauner (frontwoman of Japanese Breakfast) since she was in her previous band, Little Big League. It would be a dream come true open for Japanese Breakfast or any other project she’s behind. As for a DC artist, I would choose Spring Silver. They are definitely my favorite DMV artist right now. We are actually playing with them at the Crown in Baltimore on April 29th! (See flyer below.)

ADCJ: What was the last song you couldn’t stop playing on repeat?

Rachel: “Driving in My Car” by Yasmin Nur

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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