Boost Your Playlist: “sorry” by Flowerbomb

Songs to get you through life.

Note: Boost Your Playlist is for songs either from local DC bands, or from artists that ‘recently’ performed live in DC.

“sorry” was the first single off of Flowerbomb’s first full length album, pretty dark (via Mutineer Records), released in late 2020. The indie rock band is Rachel Kline (lead vocals, guitar) Dan Abh (drums), Nat Brown (bass) and Charles Schieder (guitar). Their album was recognized in the 2021 Wammie’s as Best Rock Album, and another song from the album titled “II”, won Best Rock Song.

With that pedigree and the first few guitar chords of “sorry”, you know you’re in for a rock anthem that may help us all, for a few minutes at least, throw off the burden of the collective world coping with trauma. There is nothing wrong with getting lost in music as we deal with a global pandemic. In the song’s first half, the lyrics would fit nicely with how we have dealt with the last two years, with ‘life is so boring’ and ‘will I ever feel comfortable again’, but it does have a deeper meaning. It speaks to the apprehensive pain and loss of a past relationship, and comparing yourself to the new person taking over for you. Whether it really is your fault or the world is just conspiring against you, and frankly, there are no easy answers. But you will feel a moment of catharsis in experiencing the angst of Rachel’s voice and the impact of nodding emphatically to the collective intensity of the drum line and driving guitars riffs. Have a listen!

Now check out our interview with lead vocalist, Rachel Kline, as well as their upcoming live shows around DC.

You can also keep up-to-date with the band on their Bandcamp or Facebook page.

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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