Boost Your Playlist: “Wishing” by Deep Sea Diver

Deep Sea Diver
Jessica Dobson of Deep Sea Diver (Photo courtesy of Big Hassle Media)

Songs to get you through the pandemic.

Note: Boost Your Playlist is for songs either from local DC bands, or from artists that recently performed live in DC.

It’s tough not being able to go to live concerts at our favorite music venues in DC. But we can always find music to keep us going. Even if not live, here’s a song to add to your playlist. “Wishing” by Deep Sea Diver.

Rock band Deep Sea Diver just released a new album titled Impossible Weight (via ATO Records), on October 16th.

We witnessed them live last year at the 9:30 Club on October 2, 2019, opening for the sister folk trio Joseph, and although short, that set packed a punch, including incredible performances of three new songs that made it on to this album. (Read our Deep Sea Diver concert review.)

Their single “Wishing” is a great, subdued rock song released at the end of September. It helps serve to raise awareness to the Save Our Stages movement, led by the National Independent Venue Association, to urge Congress to pass legislation that will help provide grants to music venues that need urgent financial help to survive.

Lead singer Jessica Dobson’s haunting refrain, ‘Wishing I was somebody else, because you’re driving me into the ground’, is a stark reminder of the pain and loss for some people in the time of COVID-19, parlayed in the form of our music venues.

The video is apt, as it shows home videos of numerous people standing longingly in front of their favorite music venue, record store, or bar. It starts and ends with the band at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, WA, where they are from. As it shifts between these people around the country reminiscing about a pre-COVID music scene, for a brief moment, at minute 1:57 you can see the 9:30 Club! #SaveOurStages

Jessica is joined in the band by her husband Peter Mansen (drums), Elliot Jackson (guitar and synth), and Garrett Gue (bass).

Check the song out! Oh, and the title track, “Impossible Weight”, is also fantastic. That video takes you on journey through a visually stunning world, including deserts and forests, and features Sharon Van Etten.

Find ways to purchase Impossible Weight here.

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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