Do This: Last Week of DC Beer Week 2020 (9/20-9/26/20)

Let’s drink.

If you haven’t already been participating in DC Beer Week, be encouraged that they have made it TWO weeks this year. So there are still plenty more activities available, including virtual tastings and a Scavenger Hunt.

Unlike in year’s past, in 2020 each brewery has their own Solidarity Beer that they’ve tapped for your enjoyment. Check the list.

The breweries with a Solidarity Beer also play into a Scavenger Hunt, where you visit the brewery, get a clue, and photograph the item in question. Register to participate for the last week.


Check the full virtual DC Beer Week Event listing here.

A few notables:
* Virtual Battle of the Barrel-Aged Beer Competition @ Boundary Stone (9/22)
* DC Brau Very Purposeful Pizza Party with All Purpose Pizza (9/23)
* Virtual “First Runnings” Discussion presented by The Heurich House Museum with local DC brewers (9/24)
* Right Proper’s Flight and a Bite – beer and cheese pairing (Daily)

Drink up.

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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