Concert Pick: Sarah Shook (Pearl Street Warehouse Live Stream) @ YouTube (5/22/20)

Sarah Shook
Sarah Shook (Photo Credit: Derek Ketchum Photography)

Country music!

Sarah Shook (of Sarah Shook & the Disarmers) will perform a virtual concert on Friday, May 22nd as part of Pearl Street Warehouse’s Live Stream events.

The concert will stream via Pearl Street’s YouTube channel at 7pm.

Sarah is a country singer/songwriter and guitar player from North Carolina. Her and the band’s last album was 2018’s Years (via Bloodshot Records). Sometimes given the moniker of ‘country punk’, there is a pureness to their twangy old school country sounds.

From Years, “Good as Gold” works as a country ballad as Sarah’s voice boldly presents a frank admission, to not lose yourself or compromise yourself, for the sake of someone not worthy. The interspersed twang and the subtle beats transport the sound back decades, when country was less bombast and clever set-ups, and more of a pure bastion of heartbreak. It sounds like a song I could enjoy on the radio in the mid-1990’s.

Get to YouTube on the 22nd and enjoy the show!

Help keep music alive and support Pearl Street Warehouse with gift cards.

Find the YouTube stream event here.


Pearl Street Warehouse YouTube Live on May 22 @ 7pm

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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