Drink This: Serves You Rice by Hellbender Brewing Company

Roof decking with Serves You Rice

Beer is essential.

One of the ways we are personally supporting our DC businesses during COVID-19, is to purchase directly from local breweries or from local beer shops, like Craft Beer Cellar.

Let’s continue our series exploring some of the incredible beers available in or near DC.

Serves You Rice (5% ABV) is a thoroughly drinkable bright and hazy Saison (within the Farmhouse Ale family). It’s brewed with purple rice from Louisiana, called Blanca Isabel. That sounds like a wine, so maybe I wasn’t surprised that it had a mellow and slightly fruity flavor, and was extremely easy to finish an entire 32 oz crowler in record time. Too easy. Hellbender still has it on the to-go beer menu in crowlers only (they sold out of the cans), so head up there and get it before they run out. Serves You Rice is brewed in collaboration with Black Narrows Brewing Co. from Chincoteague, VA.

My Untappd Rating: 4.25
Overall Untappd Rating: 3.89

Hellbender has been going to town on the purple rice, brewing a fair number of other saisons or fruity beers with this varietal. I also managed to purchase the VERY LAST (maybe forever) crowler of their Purple Jumpsuit. I haven’t tried it yet, but sorry you missed it.

Another great beer in cans you should check out is their Next Tropic Hazy Pale Ale. (My Untappd Rating: 4.00) And they just released a blackberry fermented sour called Tartuga.

Beers can be ordered on-site and are for pick up at Hellbender only. Open Wed-Fri (12-7pm), Sat (12-6pm) and Sun (12-5pm).

Follow their Twitter (@hellbenderbeer) or Instagram (@hellbenderbeer) for updates on new or sold out beers.

Don’t forget about their gift cards for anyone with a birthday during COVID-19.

Hellbender also has pop-up food options, with Timber Pizza Co. on weekends (Thurs-Sun) and other foods like fresh oysters and rock fish on the other days. Timber Pizza is legit.

So many reasons to go back.

LAST Purple Jumpsuit!
LAST Purple Jumpsuit!

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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