Sports Pick: MLR Opener: Old Glory DC vs. Seattle Seawolves @ Cardinal Stadium (2/16/20)

New sports team in DC!

Aside from the brand new XFL team (DC Defenders), DC also is getting a new rugby team. Come out on February 16th to witness Old Glory DC‘s first home game, they will play their home games at Catholic University’s Cardinal Stadium.

The Major League Rugby (MLR) played its first season in 2018. Now in the third season, your new Old Glory DC will play the two-time defending champion, Seattle Seawolves.

Why are you trying to sell me on rugby, you? Look, sports are fun. Fun to play and fun to watch. If you haven’t witnessed rugby down by the Tidal Basin or on Ohio Drive, or watched New Zealand’s All Blacks dominate, then you owe yourself at least a look see. Try it, it’s a fun game to watch. There are also two types of rugby, Union and League, the main differences being Union uses 15 players (vs. 13), has a bigger field, allows fewer substitutions, and the trys (aka like a touchdown) are worth 5 points (vs. 4).

Old Glory DC plays Rugby Union, and the league has 12 teams.

Are you ready for some rugby??

Find the schedule here.

Get your tickets for Feb. 16th here.

Tickets are currently $25 and up. Game time 3pm.

Cardinal Stadium @ Catholic University (Varnum St NE, Washington, DC 20017)

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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