Do This: DC Beer Week 2019 (9/8-9/15/19)

2019 DC Beer WeekSave the week!

The 11th annual DC Beer Week hits our fair city from September 8-15, hosted by the DC Brewers’ Guild.

Based on previous years, there is usually much to get excited about, so we look forward to seeing what beer events local bars, restaurants and breweries will try in 2019.

It’s still early, so we’ll update this post when more events become available but bookmark the site here.


Some promising events are starting to emerge for 2019. For example, the kick-off party will be at Bluejacket on September 8th. Others include:

* Home Brew Contest @ 3 Stars (9/10/19)
* Kick the Keg Contest @ Roofers Union (9/11/19)
* Women in Beer!  @ Red Bear Brewing (9/12/19)
* Brau Poppin’ & Yacht Rockin’ Sunset Cruise with DC Brau and Potomac Riverboat @ The Wharf (9/13/19)

See the full list of events as they are posted here.

The 2019 DC Beer Week’s official beer is once again called the Solidarity Beer, brewed in collaboration with local breweries. This year’s version is a German Kellerbier, and will be brewed at Bluejacket. This will also be available to purchase around DC.

Events in multiple locations in DC

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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