Concert Review: Kim Petras @ The Fillmore Silver Spring (6/15/19)

2018.06.10 Capital Pride Festival and Concert, Washington, DC USA 03314
Kim Petras performing in DC on June 10, 2018 (Photo from Flickr User: Ted Eytan)

‘I love you so much!’ – Kim Petras

Returning to the DC area, Kim Petras took over the super sold out Fillmore Silver Spring and performed her infectious pop sounds to a sea of adoring fans.

She repeatedly proclaimed how much she loved everyone, which was met with enthusiastic responses in kind throughout the evening.

She kicked off her epic set with “Got My Number”, eliciting a long, drawn-out cheer from the exuberant crowd.

The “Hills” is an electric power ballad, about taking drugs, hanging out and having sex with someone, and Kim’s resonate voice made this slow burning song, at least if you take the crowd swaying and singing along as any indication.

Later she performed “Broken”, the title of the tour and a slinky, dance infused track about heartbreak that mixes in a few rap verses.

Her stop at The Fillmore on The Broken Tour came packed with dancing, a robotic female HAL-like computer initiating a call and response to warm us up, 18 pop songs ranging the gamut of joyous to sad, along with numerous musical intros and other snippets of dance pop. At one point she exclaimed that The Fillmore was ‘the biggest venue I’ve played in my life!’ I have a feeling that she’ll keep breaking that record.

The stage was adorned with white Greek Doric columns and white screens, so Kim had an outfit to match, with big splashy sunglasses to start the show. But she wasn’t willing to rest easy, taking on duties as a style icon, taking two breaks to explore new moods with new outfits. She was accompanied by a seemingly random DJ guy, who often jumped out from his perch at the back of the stage to fire up the crowd and groove to the music. He was the de facto cheerleader, who was probably having more fun than anyone. And that was a hard feat to accomplish on this night.

Next came “All I Do Is Cry”, a great pop song that gave off all the feels, and as the last notes faded, Kim walked off for the first time to change and let us catch our breath.

Her first full length album, Clarity, comes out on June 27th and based on this show, everyone should be excited to get their hands on it.

“All the Time” incited the crowd to action, most in the front row were ready to take over vocal duties from Kim, it seemed everyone knew the lyrics and sang at the top of their lungs, with no regrets. I’ve rarely seen such passionate enthusiasm for a set of songs.

After the final break, she came back for a two song encore. Kim’s anthem and most popular song is likely “Heart to Break”, it’s just pure, fun pop and the chorus really captured a golden moment in the show and in life, ‘Even if it means that I’ll never put myself back together, gonna give you my heart to break’.

Be on the look out for Kim when she returns to the DC area, find a copy of Clarity and pop some of her songs into your music delivery system. Then dance.

Got My Number
Hillside Boys
Blow It All
All I Do Is Cry
Close Your Eyes
Personal Hell
In the Next Life
If U Think About Me…
Slow It Down
Do Me
All the Time
1,2,3 dayz up
I Don’t Want It At All
Unlock It (Charli XCX cover)

Heart to Break
Sweet Spot

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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