Do This: SAVOR Craft Beer Week Events


It’s SAVOR week in DC! That means awesome out-of-market craft beers from all over the country will be on draft at events across the city. Below is the most comprehensive list of events available.

The best event of the week takes places on Tuesday (5/14) at Churchkey with the renowned barrel-aged stout series Eclipse beers from Fifty Fifty Brewing (Truckee, CA). Below is more information on that event and several others. Cheers!

Tuesday, 5/14

The Ultimate Fifty Fifty Eclipse Blowout! – Churchkey, 4-11 pm
If you like barrel-aged stouts, this is the event for you. Among BA stout series, the Eclipse series by Fifty Fifty Brewing (Truckee, CA) is among the best. Each year, Fifty Fifty produces several new amazing BA stouts. This is the highlight of the week for SAVOR events. There will be 15 different Fifty Fifty Eclipses available at Churchkey on Tuesday. In examining the ratings on Untappd, it’s interesting that three of the top five are from 2015. Was that the best year or are those ratings a little inflated compared to more recent BA stouts? I guess I’ll have to try them all tomorrow to figure it out.
Beers include (ranked by Untappd rating):
4.41 – Eclipse: Elijah Craig 12 2015 (Bourbon BA Imperial Stout; BTL Pour)
4.34 – Eclipse: High West Rye 2015 (Rye Whiskey BA Imperial Stout; BTL Pour)
4.31 – Eclipse: Knob Creek Rye 2018 (Rye Whiskey BA Imperial Stout; Draft)
4.31 – Eclipse: Grand Cru 2017 (Bourbon BA Imperial Stout; BTL Pour)
4.30 – Eclipse: Woodford Reserve 2015 (Whiskey BA Imperial Stout; BTL Pour)
4.28 – Eclipse: Mocha Nut 2018 (Bourbon BA Imperial Stout w/ Cocoa, Coffee & Coconut; Draft)
4.28 – Eclipse: Coconut 2018 (Whiskey BA Imperial Stout w/ Coconut; Draft)
4.28 – Eclipse: Rye Cuvee 2017 (Rye Whiskey BA Imperial Stout; BTL Pour)
4.27 – Eclipse: Apple Brandy 2017 (Apple Brandy BA Imperial Stout; BTL Pour)
4.24 – Eclipse: Basil Hayden 2018 (Whiskey BA Imperial Stout; Draft)
4.23 – Eclipse: Java Coffee 2016 (Whiskey BA Imperial Stout w/ Coffee; BTL Pour)
4.23 – Eclipse: Java Coffee 2016 (Whiskey BA Imperial Stout w/ Coffee; BTL Pour)
4.22 – Eclipse: Rum Coconut Banana 2018 (Rum BA Imperial Stout w/ Banana & Coconut; Draft)
4.16 – Eclipse: Peach Brandy 2018 (Peach Brandy BA Imperial Stout; Draft)
4.16 – Eclipse: Mocha 2018 (Bourbon BA Imperial Stout w/ Cocoa & Coffee; Draft)
4.06 – Eclipse: Maple 2018 (Maple-Whiskey BA Imperial Stout; Draft)
3.97 – Totality (Imperial Stout w/ Honey; Draft)
3.78 – Donner Party (Porter; Draft)
3.77 – West Coast Haze (IPA w/ Calypso, Azacca, Mosaic, Amarillo & El Dorado; Draft)
3.67 – CAPA (Pale Ale w/ Citra & El Dorado; Draft)
3.53 – Storm Chaser (Pale Lager; Draft)

Wednesday, 5/15

CANarchy vs Charcuterie – Oskar Blues, Cigar City, & 3 Weavers – The Partisan, 5-11 pm
15 beers from the breweries and charcuterie from Red Apron Butcher.
Beer highlights include (ranked by Untappd rating):
4.23 – Cigar City Kulich (Imperial Stout)
4.20 – Cigar City Marshal Zhukov’s (Russian Imperial Stout
4.10 – Oskar Blues Ten FIDY (Imperial Stout)
4.06 – Oskar Blues Seep Coast Strata (Double IPA)
4.05 – Cigar City Madiera Barrel-Aged (American Barleywine)
3.91 – Three Weavers Knotty (Double IPA)

New England Tap Takeover – Roofers Union, 6-9 pm
It’s a New England tap takeover with Lord Hobo (Woburn, MA) and Two Roads Stratford, CT). Come have a variety of NE IPAs and shours.
Beer highlights include (ranked by Untappd rating):
NEW – Two Roads Synopsis
4.04 – Lord Hobo Museum triple ipa
3.91 – Lord Hobo Boomsauce double ipa
3.86 – Lord Hobo Godmother imperial stout
3.84 – Lord Hobo Glorious ipa (galaxy double dry hopped)
3.72 – Two Roads Belgian Cherry Quad
3.78 – Two Roads Sauvignon Blanc Gose

Ommegang Savor Preview – Gaslight Tavern, 6- 9 pm
Enjoy some Ommegang beers and there will be giveaways.

Thursday, 5/16

Fremont Brewing Beers in DC – Smoke & Barrel, 5-10 pm
How many beer events have you been to where 60% have a rating of over 4.35? Fremont isn’t distributed in DC, so take advantage and have some of these fantastic beers.
4.45 – The Rusty Nail
4.43 – Coffee & Cinnamon B-Bomb
4.42 – BA Dark Star
4.41 – BA Dark Star Coffee
4.39 – B-Bomb
4.35 – BA Dark Star Spice Wars
3.99 – Dark Star
3.94 – Lush IPA
3.85 – Kraken Hazy Pale
3.60 – Summer Ale

Cigauardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3Jack Rose Dining Saloon, 5-11 pm
Adams Morgan is the spot to be on Thursday night. With Fremont at Smoke & Barrel, and then just down the street at Jack Rose are move fantastic beers. Here’s six more beers with a rating of 4.15 or higher!
Beer highlights include (ranked by Untappd rating):
4.36 – Cigar City Going Going Back Back to Tampa Tampa
4.32 – The Lost Abbey Barrel-Aged Serpent’s Stout
4.23 – Cigar City Port Barrel-Aged Barleywine
4.20 – The Lost Abbey Red Poppy
4.19 – Maui Imperial Coconut Porter Coco Bean
4.15 – The Lost Abbey Oude Testament
4ish – Country Boy Living Proof: Apricot Tart Saison
3.98 – Country Boy Nates Coffee Stout
3.96– Country Boy Paw Paw’s Red
3.86 – Three Weavers Southbounder Coffee Stout
3.70 – Port Brewing Citra Swell

Savor the Race & Obscure 2019: 30 Out-of-Market Drafts! – Churchkey, 4-11 pm
Drink some great out-of-mark beers from 4 Noses, LIC Beer Project, Night Shift, Port, and Societe breweries.
Beer highlights include (ranked by Untappd rating):
4.31 – 4 Noses Port Barrel Aged #2 BMF (Russian Imperial Stout)
4.19 – LIC Unicorn Apocalypse (Double IPA)
4.19 – LIC Both Sides of the Rainbow (Double IPA)
4.11 – 4 Noses Blueberry Velvet (Milkshake IPA)
4.08 – Societe The Butcher (Russian Imperial Stout)
4.06 – LIC SAMO (IPA)
4.04 – Night Shift One Hop This Time: Citra (IPA)
4.04 – LIC Higher Burnin’ (IPA)
4.03 – Societe The Pupil (IPA)
4.03 – Night Shift Dynasty (Imperial Stout)
4.02 – 4 Noses ‘Bout ‘Effin Time (Double IPA)
4.02 – Night Shift Ever Weisse (Sour Ale)
4.02 – Night Shift The 87 (Double IPA)
4.01 – 4 Noses Sup Bro (Pale)
3.94 – Port Anniversary Ale (Triple IPA w/ Amarillo, CTZ, Citra, Centennial & Mosaic)

From America with Love: 35 Belgian-ish Beers – The Sovereign, 5-11:30 pm
Enjoy delicious Belgian style beers from some of America’s best breweries in Allagash, The Lost Abbey, Perennial, The Rare Barrel, Upland, and Wooden Robot.
Beer highlights include (ranked by Untappd rating):
4.21 – Allagash Bon Vieux Temps (American Wild Ale)
4.40 – Allagash Coolship Resurgam 2016 (American Wild Ale)
4.04 – Allagash Cultive (American Wild Ale)
4.02 – Allagash Wannigan (port-scotch BA Tripel)
4.09 – Allagash Willis Street (BA Stout)
4.22 – Perennial Fruits of Labor: Blackberry + Raspberry (American Wild Ale)
4.20 – Perennial La Boheme (Flanders Oud Bruin)
4.07 – Perennial La Cosecha (Farmhouse)
4.02 – Perennial Nothing to Find (Farmhouse)
4.09 – Upland Cherry (Fruited Sour)
4.07 – Upland Entwined (Fruited Sour)
4.07 – Upland Peach (Fruited Sour)
4.20 – Upland Raspberry (Fruited Sour)
4.24 – Wooden Robot Galactic Nexus (Fruited Sour)
4.00 – Wooden Robot Reserve Blanc (Sour)

Friday, 5/17

Big Trouble in Little Churchkey: Featuring Fremont & Perennial! – Churchkey, 4-11:30 pm
If you aren’t able to make it to Smoke & Barrel on Thursday night, here’s a second chance to have some Fremont beers. Plus, there’s Perennial with some awesome beers too. In fact, the Perennial Devil’s Heart of Gold is higher rated than any beers at SAVOR with a 4.5 rating.
Beer highlights include (ranked by Untappd rating):
4.50 – Perennial Devil’s Heart of Gold
4.43 – Fremont B-Bomb: Coffee Cinnamon (BA Strong Ale)
4.42 – Fremont BA Dark Star (BA Imperial Stout)
4.41 – Fremont BA Dark Star: Coffee (BA Imperial Stout)
4.39 – Fremont B-Bomb (BA Strong Ale)
4.35 – Fremont BA Dark Star: Spice Wars (BA Imperial Stout)
4.29 – Perennial Intentionally Indulgent
4.26 – Perennial Sump: Ethiopian Roba
4.21 – Perennial Prodigal

Allagash & Bell’s Tap Takeover – Lost & Found, 4 pm-Close
Located just a 20-minute walk from the National Building Museum is the Allagash & Bell’s event at Lost & Found. Enjoy beers by two of the titans of craft beer before or after the event.
4.12 – Allagash Little Sal
4.06 – Bell’s Expedition Stout
4.05 – Allagash Strictivus
4.03 – Allagash Wannigan
3.99 – Allagash Barrel & Bean
3.98 – Bell’s Hopsolution

DC Brau & Cape May Pre SAVOR Soirée – Free State, 4-Close
Looking for a spot to have a pint or two before/after SAVOR? Head to Free State located kitty-corner to the Nation Building Museum. They’ll be pouring DC Brau and Cape May beers deep into the night.

LIC + Pig = LuvThe Partisan, 11 am – 11:30 pm
Do you like beer and pork? This is the event for you. Enjoy some great beers from the LIC Beer Project and delicious piggy plates.

SAVOR Friday Favorites – Jack Rose, 5-Close
Beers from Allagash, Atlas, Boulevard, Dogfish Head, New Belgium, Ommegang, Perennial, Port City, Right Proper, and Two Roads.

SAVOR After Party! – The Berliner, 9 pm – 2 am
There will be beers from Societe Brewing, The Rare Barrel, and Three Weavers Brewing.

Saturday, 5/18

Saturday SAVOR Sendoff – Jack Rose, 2 – Close
Cap off SAVOR week with beer from Bell’s, Lickinghole Creek, Maine, Union, and Upland.

Post SAVOR Party with The Lost Abbey – Franklin Hall, Noon – Close
There will be rare, out-of-market beers from not only The Lost Abbey, but also Port Brewing and The Hop Concept. The beer list is not out yet, but there will be some great ones.

SAVOR Friends – Right Proper Brewing Company (Brookland Production House), 1–5 pm
Right Proper has invited some of their favorite SAVOR breweries to hangout Saturday afternoon. There will be beers from Allagash, Boulevard, Fremont, Maine, and 2nd Shift.

8th Annual Birch & Barley Brewer’s Brunch, Noon – 2:30 pm
The Brewers Brunch is $60 per person, not including tax & gratuity and will feature beers from Allagash, Bell’s, Maine, The Rare Barrel, and Sierra Nevada.

Sunday, 5/19

9th Annual Post-SAVOR Brunch at Pizzeria Paradiso Dupont, Noon
Join Allagash and Maine for the annual Post-SAVOR brunch on Sunday.

Author: Jeff Lucas

I like craft beers, a lot. So far I've had over 4,600 different beers and have been to 126 breweries in 27 states plus DC. Always looking to try something new, except when it is from the Bud Light "____ ____ rita" family. Follow my adventures in craft beer on Untappd at

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