Concert Pick: Black Masala @ Pearl Street Warehouse (2/2/18)

Black Masala
Black Masala (Photo from FB @BlackMasala; Credit: John Shore)

Black Masala, the DC brass band your mother warned you about, comes to Pearl Street Warehouse in February!

Described as music experimenters, with a mix of Balkan brass, New Orleans funk, Gypsy punk, Bhangra and more, the primary thing you need to know is (if you haven’t already seen them live), expect to dance. Their energy is off the charts, and no matter how you play it off, no standing still.

Their last album, I Love You Madly, came out in 2015. Listen to the songs here, so you can start practicing a few moves.

Black Masala has a robust cast of characters funking out on a heady range of instruments; from Kristen Long (vocals/percussion) and Mike Ounallah (drums/vocals) to Duff Davis and Chris Lee (guitars) to Brendan Schnabel (sax), Kirsten Warfield (trombone), Michael DiCiurci (sousaphone) and Jacob Dalager (trumpet). That’s either a million instruments or a million beats.

Also, this is your chance to check out the new Pearl Street Warehouse down at The Wharf. One of three new music venues for DC denizens to enjoy (also The Anthem and Union Stage).

Get your tickets here.

Tickets are $15 (21 and over). Doors open at the Pearl Street Warehouse at 7pm. Show at 8:30pm. Opener is Swift Technique.

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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