Eat This: The Lot @ Timber Pizza Company

Half and half!
The Lot and The Bentley, BFFs

Pizza is good. Timber is great!

After a couple false starts, I was able to try Timber Pizza Company.

False starts because whenever I poked my head into their shop on Upshur St NW, it was too busy and too full of people enjoying their pies. Also, I almost ordered from their pop-up at Hellbender Brewing Company, but only wanted a slice, which they didn’t offer. So I went back on an early weeknight (still busy but not full), to finally inhale the pizza.

I agonized between The Bentley (chorizo, sopressata, sweet peppers, spicy honey) and The Lot (pork, jalapeños, cilantro, spicy pineapple chups). I finally chose The Bentley. Yet the bartender kindly informed me one could split the pie! So I thankfully got both.

With the split-pizza placed before me, the bartender assured me (and those nearby that ordered the same) that on The Bentley side, it wasn’t grease pooling on the sopressata, but rather the spicy honey. And the puddles were deliciously sweet.

But The Lot, with the slow-roasted pork and the slightest kick from the spicy pineapple chups (What’s a chup? Seems like a fruit based ketchup) and the jalapeños definitely proved to be the better half. Not by much.

I’ll be back for both of those again, and will give the other menu options a chance in search of new favorites.

Timber Pizza Company (809 Upshur St NW, Washington, DC 20011)

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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