Top 20 Concerts for May 2023

Yeah Yeah Yeahs play at The Anthem on May 3rd! (Photo Credit: Jason Al-Taan)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs play at The Anthem on May 3rd! (Photo Credit: Jason Al-Taan)

Which concerts do you have on your radar for the month of May? 

Here is our list of recommended concerts for this month. Don’t be shy, go to as many as you can!

Note: If you want some local DC-based bands/artists, we’ve highlighted local artists in yellow.

Top 20 Concerts for May

Amy Grant @ The Birchmere (5/2 & 5/9/23) Both Sold Out

Yeah Yeah Yeahs w/ Cherry Glazerr @ The Anthem (5/3/23) Sold Out (They’re back with their fist album in nine years, Cool It Down (via Secretly Canadian). It’s been exactly 10 years since I last saw them live (at Coachella), this should be great concert! Also, the opening band, Cherry Glazerr, is good! Here’s a review from a previous show.)

Calista Garcia (opening for Rachel Baiman) @ Pearl Street Warehouse (5/4/23) (From Arlington, VA, this folk-rock singer currently lives in Brooklyn.)

KINDA EVIL w/ Friday Junior, The House You Grew Up In @ Slash Run (5/5/23) (I’m going to keep putting KINDA EVIL on this list until you decide to go see them live! It’s a no-brainer. Also, Slash Run is turning five and if you’ve never been, I’m going to have to ask you to get your ass over there immediately! Half price burgers on Monday and excellent beer selection.)

Meg Myers @ 9:30 Club (5/7/23)

Transviolet @ DC9 (5/9/23)

A Shrewdness of Apes w/ Cursor, Lindsay Collette @ Pie Shop (5/10/23)

Feist @ 9:30 Club (5/12/23) Sold Out

Muna @ The Anthem (5/12/23) Sold Out (This indie pop band based in LA just performed at the 2023 Coachella (their first time), and debuted a couple new songs, including “One That Got Away”. Katie Gavin of MUNA: “This song is just rubbing your hot ass in the face of someone who messed up their chance of being with you. It’s a bit vengeful and mean, but also fun. Fuck it.”)

Poppy Patica @ The Cool Ranch (5/12/23) (This is their album release show for, Black Cat Back Stage. They played on the last date that the Back Stage was open, back in 2018, hence the title of their album. The Cool Ranch is a house show in Takoma Park, if interested in attending you can direct message @poppypatica or @house.or.joyy on Instagram. Other artists performing are Dim Wizard, Manyeyes, Broken Every Angle, and Airhead DC.)

Milo in the Doldrums w/ Grady, Flowerbomb, Smooth AF @ Jammin Java (5/13/23)

Frankie Rose w/ SRSQ, S Y Z Y G Y X @ Songbryd Music House (5/14/23)

Caroline Polachek @ The Anthem (5/19/23)

Good Kid @ Union Stage (5/20/23) (Good Kid combines a blend of indie rock and pop punk, and just released their their third EP, Good Kid 3. They had five of their songs featured in the video game Fortnite.)

The Blue Stones @ Black Cat (5/20/23) (This Canadian rock/pop duo is touring for their third album, Pretty Monster (via MNRK). Compared to Tame Impala and Royal Blood, this show should be great!)

The Walkmen @ 9:30 Club (5/23-5/26/23) All Sold Out (Four sell outs for this post punk band at 9:30 Club! The Walkmen have reunited after a 10-year hiatus, plus all the members grew up in the DC area.)

The National w/ Soccer Mommy @ The Anthem (5/23 & 5/24/23) 5/24 Sold Out

Bloc Party @ 9:30 Club (5/27/23) Sold Out

Rival Sons @ The Fillmore Silver Spring (5/30/23)

Ryan Wright @ Union Stage (5/31/23) (Dream pop singer/songwriter/producer based in Virginia.)


(For when 20 is just too arbitrary and too few!)

The Wallflowers @ The Birchmere (5/1/23) Sold Out

Red Medicine w/ Rigometrics + Mad Abbey @ The Pocket (5/4/23)

Winter (opening for Tanukichan) @ Songbyrd Music House (5/4/23)

Curse Words, Boardroom Heroes, Grady @ Comet Ping Pong (5/6/23)

The Natural Lines (aka Matt Pond PA) @ Black Cat (5/7/23) 

Daisy the Great @ Songbryd Music House (5/11/23) 

Brassie, Caroline (from Cinema Hearts) and The Flip Phones @ Little Penn Coffeehouse (5/12/23) (Sip some coffee, enjoy some local music! The Flip Phones new album, Better in the Dark, was nominated for a Wammie.)

Cherub Tree w/ Orange Doors + Cherrymoon @ The Pocket (5/12/23) 

Taisha Estrada @ Good Hope Neighborhood Rec Center (5/13/23) (Outerloop’s lead singer also performs Latin Jazz, so check out this free show in Silver Spring! Donations encouraged.)

Outerloop // True Lilith // Wastoid @ Slash Run (5/17/23)

joan w/ Harriette @ Black Cat (5/19/23) (After multiple EPs, this pop duo from Arkansas just released their debut album, superglue (via Photo Finish Records), on May 2nd! Also, check out our review from a previous show.)

Frend // Fix Your Hearts // Ammonite @ The Runaway (5/19/23)

Easter Island w/ Slow Teeth + Color Palette (solo) @ The Pocket (5/24/23)

Ari Voxx & The Sad Lads @ DC9 (5/27/23) (Pop sensation Ari Voxx is from DC, and gets her inspiration from 80s/90s new-wave and pop.)

June Preview

Hot Chip @ 9:30 Club (6/1/23)

Paramore @ Capitol One Arena (6/2/23)

Temples @ Black Cat (6/6/23)

Indigo Girls w/ Larkin Poe @ Wolf Trap (6/7/23)

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