Concert Review: Cherry Glazerr @ U Street Music Hall (2/13/19)

Cherry Glazerr
Cherry Glazerr (Photo Credit: Pamela Littky)

LA’s Cherry Glazerr blazed a gallant musical jaunt through DC!

Note: We love to say positive things about a young band like Cherry Glazerr, and we will, but the truth is for most of the show Clementine Creevy’s microphone was off (or some other technical issue) and we could only hear a muffled version of the lyrics. With a few songs remaining, we did experience Clementine’s voice in full.

Cherry Glazerr played their garage, sometimes pop, rock before a sold out U Street Music Hall on February 13th, and there was a lot to like about their set.

Touring for their very fine third album, Stuffed & Ready, DC was the ‘first proper show’ on the tour. They can likely work out the kinks in the upcoming shows (aka the sound issue).

Poised before a gaudy statue of giant twin cherries, Clementine (vocals, guitar), Tabor Allen (drums) and Devin O’Brien (bass) kicked off the night with “Ohio” from the new album, then dropped the sweet sounding hook of “Had Ten Dollaz”.

Clementine exclaimed that “Self Explained” was her favorite song to play, maybe because she could give the densely packed (but moving to the beat) crowd an exhibition in her guitar playing acumen. The music came through clearly, so it was easier to take notice and enjoy the band skillfully dropping their fun hooks as loudly as possible. Some daring members of the crowd took advantage of the punk rock vibe with a little crowd surfing.

Midway through the set, they played one of the best songs from the new album, “Juicy Socks”, a low-key pop-friendly tune. In total they powered through 18 songs, including eight from Stuffed & Ready.

With “Wasted Nun” I enjoyed the bass line (but not the crink in my neck from the requisite head nodding) and the lyrical push and pull of vulnerable whispers and fiery shouting at the world.

“Stupid Fish” was among the best songs they performed that day, partly because it segues into the instrumental “Apocalipstick”, but mostly because I like the fast-paced grunge influenced chords.

They ended the main set with “Sip ‘O Poison” and miraculously the microphone crackled back on, and we got a true glimpse of the band with all the elements meshing together.

They returned for two songs in the encore, to close with “Told You I’d Be With the Guys”, an early, stripped down garage rock standard from their second album, Apocalipstick. A refreshing way to end the show, hearing Clementine’s voice interwoven perfectly into a song.

Hit your favorite music delivery option to acquire Stuffed & Ready, and hope Cherry Glazerr returns to DC soon!


Had Ten Dollaz
That’s Not My Real Life
Self Explained
Nurse Ratched
White’s Not My Color This Evening
Trash People
Juicy Socks
Grilled Cheese
Teenage Girl
Wasted Nun
Stupid Fish
Sip ‘O Poison

Time To Get Away (LCD Soundsystem cover)
Told You I’d Be With the Guys


Cherry Glazerr’s performance on KEXP in 2017.

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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