Capital Bikeshare’s Bike Angels 2022 End of Year Report

What shenanigans have Riders of the Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) system been getting into with the Bike Angels program in 2022?

Let’s also give a shout out to DDOT for the many protected bike lanes that have been built throughout DC in 2022.

Random Bike Angel Stats for 2022

First time a Rider ever reached 2,000+ points total in a month = May 2022 (2082 points by EL356)

First time a Rider ever reached 3,000+ points total in a month = August 2022 (3012 points by AA853)

Number of Riders with monthly wins in 2022 = 6

Monthly Wins Breakdown:

  1. AA853 = 4
  2. JB991 = 3
  3. EL356 = 2
  4. SK127 = 1
  5. CH264 = 1
  6. PW558 = 1

Most Monthly Top Five Finishes: 

  1. SK127 = 9
  2. JB991 = 7
  3. AA853 = 7
  4. PJ664 = 7
  5. EE376 = 4
  6. EL356 = 4

Most Monthly Top 10 Finishes:

  1. JB991 = 12
  2. SK127 = 11
  3. CS186 = 10
  4. PJ664 = 9
  5. AA853 = 8
  6. EL356 = 6

Number of times a Rider reached 1000+ points in a month = 25

Number of different Riders with 1000+ points in a month = 9

1000+ Points in a Month Breakdown: 

  1. AA853 = 6
  2. JB991 = 4
  3. EL336 = 3
  4. EE376 = 3
  5. PJ664 = 3
  6. SK127 = 2
  7. PW558 = 2
  8. MF848 = 1
  9. SK022 = 1

Number of times a Rider reached 2000+ points in a month = 7

Number of times a Rider reached 3000+ points in a month = 2

Most combined points by top five Riders in a single month = 10,143 points in August 2022 (Note: The next best is 8,546 points in December 2022. By contrast, the best in 2021 was 3,104 in December 2021.)

Most total points in 2022 by a single Rider* = 13,162 points (AA853)

* Will not guarantee accuracy, as only the totals of the top 20 Riders are displayed in the Bikehare app. It’s possible a Rider had more points if they finished outside the top 20 in a given month.

Editor’s Note: I’ve been participating in Capital Bikeshare’s Bike Angels program since the beginning. I don’t recall the exact date that it started, but Lyft bought Motivate in 2018 (CaBi’s operator – note that CaBi is owned by DC and six member jurisdictions in Maryland and Virginia), and then the pandemic loomed large, the program was shut down for over a year. But in May 2021, it was reconstituted with new features and real prizes. I’ve been sharing the monthly winners, along with updates of changes to those features since earlier this summer.

I don’t work for any place associated with CaBi, this data is based on taking a screenshot of the point totals just before midnight on the last day of each month (when all data is reset and lost to us Riders forever), and dropping it into a spreadsheet. I did, however, make up all of these categories above, so if you can think of others, let me know and I’ll try to add them.

Not sure what you can glean from this information, other than I’m a nerd, and I may, at times, be obsessed with the sport of it. The gamification and competition against fellow riders is nice and all, but challenging myself to do more, have better strategies, and get exercise are part of the rationale for participating. The main reason for me though; it provides a valid excuse to explore the city of DC, and take photos of the cool and the interesting parts. Which I share on Instagram under @adcjourney, and you can see for yourself!

Capital Bikeshare does not reveal the names of the Riders participating, you only see the Riders’ initials with three digits. I won’t tell you which moniker is mine, but I have faith you can figure it. Also, I have only met a couple Riders in passing, but don’t know a majority of them, or anything about them, nor would I reveal their names if I knew. Maybe one day they’ll have a Bike Angels party and we can all meet our fellow Riders.

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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