Concert Pick: Deep Sea Diver + Diane Coffee @ Union Stage (9/27/21)

Diane Coffee (Photo from FB @dianecoffeeband)

‘I tried so hard not to let you all down, it’s an impossible weight.’ – Deep Sea Diver

Get out to Union Stage on Monday, September 27th, and get a two-for-one headlining concert, with Diane Coffee and Deep Sea Diver.

Deep Sea Diver, fronted by Jessica Dobson, is from Seattle, and their 2020 “Impossible Weight” featuring Sharon Van Etten was easily my favorite song during the pandemic lock down. Now they are returning to DC (see our review from 2019) co-headlining with the enigmatic Diane Coffee, the stage name of Shaun Fleming.

Shawn’s third album was 2019’s Internet Arms via Polyvinyl. The title track is spry and rock operaesque that delves into the themes of the album, about resistance to the digital world with ‘the internet as manipulative partner’.

Diane Coffee’s collaboration song with Deep Sea Dive, titled “Forecast”, should be an entertaining live experience, as it’s sunny and upbeat and gives off hints of the Grease soundtrack. Unreleased, it was made available prior to the show, and presumably will debut during the tour!

As to Deep Sea Diver, their 2020 album Impossible Weight (with said best track) is also great, great, great and you should get a copy. And while you’re at it, get tickets to this show!

Get your tickets here.

Tickets are $20. Doors open at Union Stage at 6:30pm; show at 7:30pm. Opener is Why Bonnie?

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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