Top Things to Know About 2021 Nationals Games, Also Bobbleheads

Nationals Park

Baseball is back!

At the 2021 Washington Nationals Media Day, local media learned how the Nationals are handling the in-person experience for fans.

Here are the key takeaways.

Update from Nationals (5/20/21)

In response to the Mayor’s announcement on Monday regarding mask requirements in the District of Columbia, the Washington Nationals will be changing the face covering policy at Nationals Park for the upcoming homestand, starting Friday, May 21. Please see below for more details. 

In addition, the Government of the District of Columbia has approved the team’s request to operate at 100% capacity starting June 10th, to coincide with the beginning of our next homestand. Tickets for those games will go on sale soon.   

Single Game Tickets

Tickets are now on sale to the general public for all home games between May 21 and 30, when Nationals Park will operate at 36% capacity.

Tickets start at $14 and fans who are interested in purchasing tickets in pods of 1-6 people should visit

New Face Covering Policy

Fully vaccinated fans – meaning you are two weeks past your final shot – will be able to attend the upcoming games without wearing an approved face covering.

This applies to all fans regardless of whether they are seated indoors or outdoors.

Ticketed fans who are not fully vaccinated will be required to wear an approved face covering at all times except when actively eating or drinking in their seats.

Fans can visit for more information regarding acceptable face coverings at the ballpark.

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2021 is all about safety protocols

The pandemic is still happening, and the Nationals are taking all available precautions.

Tickets can be purchased in pods (for 6 people). There is signage everywhere across Nationals Park on all the key protocols; mask wearing (required, or a warning and potentially removal from stadium), and social distancing, etc. If you lose your mask or bring the wrong kind (no bandannas or gaiters), there will be disposable masks available from Guest Services.

Safety Guidelines
Safety Guidelines

Do not bring a bag

Unless it is a clutch bag (5” x 7” x 3/4”), diaper bag, or for medical reasons (16″ x 16″ x 8″), you can’t bring it in. There will be lockers available outside the Right Field Gate and the Home Plate Gate.

You must download and use the Nats Ballpark App

To enter Nationals Park, you must use a digital ticket on your Ballpark app (no paper tickets). It will also be an integral part of your food and beverage ordering experience. See below.

All digital tickets are color coded and you will be assigned a specific gate to enter (nearest to your seat).

There will be limited attendance

Full capacity starting June 10th. Opening Day and the first home stand start with 5,000 fans per game. The Nationals are in talks to increase the percentage of fans for the second home stand. Keep checking, as this will be an evolving situation.

2019 World Series Pennant and Commissioner’s Trophy are epic additions to Nationals Park

Opening Day marks the first time fans can enter Nationals Park since 2019’s Game 5 of the World Series.

The Nationals are proudly flying the 2019 World Series Pennant above the Center Field Mega Screen.

They have also created a grand mural and display to showcase the Commissioner’s Trophy in the Champions Club (requires a special ticket to enter). The mural features two full team photos post WS victory, the epic crowd of fans surrounding the Capitol Building on the celebration day, and Sean Doolittle’s reaction after the last pitch.

No hanging out around the stadium

Full capacity starting June 10th. You still get to watch baseball, but many social places will be closed for 2021. Stay in your pods to eat and drink. The Budweiser Terrace bar in Center Field will remain open to buy your golden suds, but all the tables have been removed.

Order your food/beverages via the Ballpark App from your seat

There will be QR Codes at every seat, so you can scan, place your order and pick up your feast at the stand’s designated line. This will save time. Ordering is 100% cashless.

The coolest new device is the new-fangled touchless sauce machine. No more self-pumping your mustard and ketchup. This should already be a thing.

Why so saucy?
Why so saucy?

They have also added a few new vendors like Fuku (for tasty chicken sandos), Grazie Grazie (for great sandwiches – I like many of the offerings at the location at The Wharf), and Taqueria del Barrio (for tasty tacos).

Bonus! Plenty of giveaways, including bobbleheads

We love the bobbleheads, and at least initially, the Nationals will have three as giveaways. My guess is they will add more as the situation with COVID-19 changes.

Other giveaways throughout the season include a lanyard, Zip Up Jacket, Grocery Tote Bag and a Tote Bag Cooler. For kids, there will be sunglasses, a lunch box, travel pillow and a hoodie.

Stay connected on the updates here.


– Davey Martinez (Saturday, April 3 and Sunday, April 4)
– Daniel Hudson (sometime in May)
– Victor Robles (sometime in August)

  • Bobbleheads
  • Good stuff
  • Nice jacket

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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