Drink This: Mystic Storm by Red Bear Brewing

Mystic Storm Both Coasts IPA
Mystic Storm Both Coasts IPA

As we continue to adjust to the stay-at-home life during COVID-19, there are many ways we can support our locals businesses. We, along with many other local bloggers, have been actively sharing options via Twitter (@adcjourney).

One of the ways we are personally supporting our DC businesses, is to purchase from local breweries and beer shops. I’ve been purchasing take-out growlers and cans from multiple breweries, as well as frequenting my local beer shop, Craft Beer Cellar on H Street NE. A solid collection has been amassed (far more than I can drink alone in a reasonable amount of time).

Let’s continue our series of looking at some of the incredible beers available in or near DC.

Mystic Storm (7.6% ABV) is a great American IPA from Red Bear Brewing, that has been among my favorites since they opened in March 2019. Made with Cascade, Citra and Amarillo hops, it’s highly drinkable, and stylized as a ‘Both Coasts’ IPA, combining the hazy, juiciness of an East Coast IPA to mellow out the hoppy bitterness of the West Coast style.

We should all know the story behind Red Bear by now, but to summarize the three owners are originally from Washington State, and opened their impressive brewery operation here in DC. That is notable for the Mt. Rainier image in the logo, the ‘Both Coasts’ IPA style, and because they are Seattle and now DC sports fans.

The sports angle is key, because Mystic Storm, with it’s flaming basketballs on the can, is named after two WNBA teams, the 3-time champion Seattle Storm and the defending champions, Washington Mystics.

My Rating: 4.00
Overall Untappd Rating: 3.72

Red Bear has considerably upped their ‘take-home’ options in the last few weeks, by starting to sell their beers in cans. They have officially canned five beers so far, with cool artwork, and you can also order any of their other beers in 16 ounce cans (they fill them on the spot).

My first foray to Red Bear after the stay-at-home, was a 64 oz growler of Mystic Storm. That’s too much for one person living solo (probably), but it was delicious.

Subsequently, I’ve picked up 4 or 6-packs of 51st State (IPA), Skookum (Red ale) and of course more Mystic Storm.

Over the past year, I’ve tried virtually all of Red Bear’s beers, and I think the IPAs are the strongest. (Also give me a small pour of Tall, Dark & Nutty anytime.)

Order your beer (or food) for delivery or pick up from their site here.

Note: You will need to use the Arryved Mobile App for pick up orders made in person (not ordered from the website).

Red Bear has beer in cans!
Red Bear has good beer in cans

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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