Snallygaster 2019 Preview – Amazing Beer List


The 2019 Snallygaster is set to be the best one yet. The beer list is even better than last year’s with over 200 beers rated 4+ in Untappd, the weather is going to be delightful with partly cloudy and a high of 77, and the Nats take on the Cardinals at 4pm.

Did I mention there’s an awesome beer list? This is crazy but there 26 beers that have a rating of 4.40 or higher on Untappd. I’ve never seen that before at a beer event. Leading the way, as usual, is Perennials BA Abraxas. It will be one of, if not the first beer to kick. I was lucky enough to get it two years ago and it lives up to its 4.73 rating. Among the other top-rated beers are some more familiar names with Cantillon, Prairie, Other Half and Monkish. Not to be outdone, there are three local DMV breweries with beers in the top 10 in Cushwa, Red Dragon, and Burley Oak. Some other breweries that will likely have long lines early are Sante Adairius, Equilibrium, Monkish, The Veil and Casey’s.

With so many awesome beer it’s important to have a game plan. Below are links to spreadsheets we made with key information on each beer including location, rating, style and more. Plus, below the links to the spreadsheets is a list of the top 20 rated beers and their location by section West to East. Remember to hydrate and cheers!

2019 Snallygaster Standard Spreadsheet

2019 Snallygaster Jeff’s Personal Spreadsheet

5. Cantillon – Fou’Foune

20. Casey – Family Preserves: Peach

3. Cushwa – Imperial Electrofruit
7. Cushwa – Triple Dry-Hopped Big Crush
16. Dewey – Secret Machine Triple Double

10. Other Half – BBA Pastrytown
13. Monkish – Water Balloon Street Fighter
15. Magnify – BBA Sinister Prime Minister
19. Other Half – Mixed Berry Crunchee


6.Burley Oak – Triple Blueberry JREAM

1. Perennial – BA Abraxas
8. The Bruery – Chocolate Rain

4. Red Dragon – Sideways
17. Southern Grist – Imperial Double Fruited Vanilla

11. Equilibrium – Straight Outta The Laboratory
12. The Veil – Trefnut: Mango
14. Equilibrium – Nemesis
18. Founders – KBS 2017

2. Prairie – Pirate Paradise
9. Sante Adairius – Recency Effect
14. Prairie – Pirate Bomb!

Author: Jeff Lucas

I like craft beers, a lot. So far I've had over 4,600 different beers and have been to 126 breweries in 27 states plus DC. Always looking to try something new, except when it is from the Bud Light "____ ____ rita" family. Follow my adventures in craft beer on Untappd at

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