Festival Pick: Grungefest @ The Fillmore Silver Spring (8/23/19)

Superunknown (tribute band)
Look for Superunknown at Grungefest! (Photo from FB @superunknownpdx)

I just put on my only surviving flannel, which hasn’t been drawn tight around my waist in more than a decade, to write this preview.

Damn, friends! Grungefest is here. Get stoked for August 23rd as a festival dedicated to the early 1990’s scene hits The Fillmore Silver Spring.

I’m about to stoke my iTunes furnance with a bombshell by Alice In Chains (I’ll try “Would?”)….

Okay, I’m back. I was gone awhile, I have every album by all the bands getting the tribute treatment at Grungefest.

Grunge never dies, it only hides down deep inside you and reaches back out to embrace you when you least expect it. Now off to listen to “Mailman” by Soundgarden.

Four cover bands will bring the 1990’s to life, The Elysiums, Flannel, Sea of Sorrow and SuperUnknown, giving tribute to Nirvana, Alice In Chains and Chris Cornell.

This is an especially killer tribute, as I grew up near Seattle during that era. And Chris Cornell (RIP) is among my favorite artists. Really looking forward to what Superunknown will do during the grunge festival we all need to be at.

Don’t worry, if you lost your flannel, I’m sure they’ll still let you in. I’m off to turn up “Outshined” to full blast.

Get your tickets here.

Tickets are $15.50 (check for deals). Doors open at The Fillmore Silver Spring at 8pm. Show at 9pm.

Band list: The Elysiums (Nirvana), Flannel (all 90s Grunge), Sea Of Sorrow (Alice In Chains) and SuperUnknown (Chris Cornell)

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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