Concert Pick: Violent Femmes @ The Anthem (7/30/19)

Violent Femmes
Violent Femmes (Photo Courtesy of Big Hassle PR)

Love is not gone!

Violent Femmes will be descending on DC for an epic show on July 30th at The Anthem. They will be joined by Ben Folds (possibly without the Five) as co-headliner.

The Milwaukee band has been giving us memorable punk and alternative songs since the early 1980’s, with such classics as “Gone Daddy Gone” and “Blister in the Sun”. But did you know they continue to release new music at a decent clip (with a few hiatuses thrown in)? They are just about to drop their 10th studio album, Hotel Last Resort, on July 26th. The first single is the title track and a gravely and slow-paced story of accepting your place in life in stride.

Violent Femmes are Gordon Gano (vocals, etc.), Brian Ritchie (bass, etc.) and recent addition John Sparrow (drums). John is the fourth drummer in the band’s long history.

Time to re-visit or discover a distinguished alternative band continuing to thrive into our current era.

Get yours tickets here.

Tickets are $55. Doors open at The Anthem at 6:30pm. Show at 8pm. Co-headliner is Ben Folds. Opener is Savannah Conley.

Story Alert: When I was in college in Seattle I had the chance to attend a Violent Femmes concert with a group of friends living in the same University of Washington dorm. I abstained in favor of hanging out with other friends furiously using our collective brain power to design a cheeky CD album cover lampooning the Violent Femmes’ first self-titled album. It even fit nicely in a CD jewel case. Good times and laughs were had by all, including the returning concertgoers who were impressed by our workmanship (presumably). I had no regrets over missing that specific concert, because I wasn’t a huge fan back then. Later I came to enjoy many of their songs. But I still haven’t been to a Violent Femmes concert. I believe that should change.

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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