Concert Review: Faye Webster @ DC9 (6/27/19)

Faye Webster's Atlanta Millionaires Club
Artwork of Faye Webster’s Atlanta Millionaires Club (Photo courtesy of Pitch Perfect PR)

Yo-yo tricks, pigeon stories, and folk music, all in one show!

The very sold out DC9 hosted the alternative folk singer Faye Webster, and the packed out crowd welcomed her with open arms. Faye is from Atlanta, Georgia and was accompanied by four other members in her band, filling up the DC9 stage will instruments designed to do maximum folk.

She is touring for her recently released third album, Atlanta Millionaires Club (via Secretly Canadian), and seems to enjoy bantering with the crowd. For example, Faye and band held a mini Q&A session with those that could raise their hand fast enough.

Q. ‘What instrument is that?’ (I couldn’t see where they are pointing to)
A. Faye (all excited), ‘THAT’S THE BIGGEST COMPLIMENT EVER!’ (confused pause) ‘Oh wait! I thought you said my intracranial is underrated!’ (the answer was they were pointing at a pedal steel guitar)
Q. ‘What kind of hat is that?’ (to the pedal steel guitar player)
A. (inaudible but it was obviously a Trucker hat, c’mon)
Q. ‘What’s your favorite cereal?’ (also directed to the pedal steel guitar player, he was having his moment)
A. ‘Apple Jacks!’ (to which someone screamed some sort of silly squawk in sympathy)

And as you can see where this is going, let’s get into the live music that Faye and company actually performed. They gave us about 14 songs, many slow and lonely folk songs in Faye’s whispered voice, yet often with a twist of sunniness, in the form of rich pedal steel twang that hinted at a fine day at the beach.

“Flowers” is slinky and funky, where Faye pleads ‘give me all your time I will try to give you mine.’ Based on the crowd size, we were more than willing to give our time.

“Room Temperature” is a slow, sunny song, where the steel pedal guitar makes you believe you’re attending a luau. In fact, if you watch the video, that’s exactly what happens.

“Pigeon” gives off a country vibe and is about sending a pigeon with a short, handwritten note to a boy she liked in Australia. Regardless of whether her story is true or made up, the crowd was tickled by the fact that the pigeons were only strong enough to carry two sentences and it was very expensive. And that in hindsight, she realized she could have just sent a free text…

“Hurts Me Too” is a country sad type of song, about someone not reciprocating a proclamation of love, ‘That was the day I realized that silence is actually hurt’. But before it got too sad, Faye regaled us with her yo-yo acumen, in the form of a pretty solid trick with a yo-yo that magically appeared on cue. I’d say she should keep her day job, but maybe she can work in a yo-yo inspired side hustle.

“Kingston” is probably my favorite song by Faye, and it also went over very well live. I just love the languid delivery of the lyrics ‘I don’t know that much about Kingston, but I like the sound it makes’. I also don’t know much about Kingston, but now I want to go.

She closed out the main set with “Jonny”, a cheeky, lounge-like lament about love songs, this one about Faye’s best friend (a dog), and how aware is Jonny of that fact?

The crowd parted like magic, and Faye left the stage, giving the band the opportunity to play on. After a few beats, they too exited through the dense crowd.

But they did come back for a short encore, playing the follow-up “Jonny (Reprise)”, hopefully the dog learned something during the break.

Give Faye and her Atlanta Millionaires Club a chance, and make sure you bring your yo-yo when she returns to DC!

She Won’t Go Away
Right Side of My Neck
What Used to Be Mine
Come to Atlanta
Room Temperature
Hurts Me Too
Is It Too Much To Ask

Jonny (Reprise)

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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