Eat This: Top Five Things to Eat at Nationals Park in 2019

Old Hickory BBQ
Old Hickory BBQ @ Nationals Park

Spring is in the air, and today is one of the best days of the year. Opening Day!

Your Washington Nationals start the season at home against the New York Mets, then play a two-game series against the Philadelphia Harpers…oops….Phillies.

Bring it on.

We recently attended the Nationals Media Day, and learned about and tasted the new and exciting food options in Nationals Park for 2019. Their focus is local flavors and restaurants. The Nats will also launch a program with the food delivery app Caviar, where you can order what you desire ahead of time and then pick it up directly at the Caviar concession stand (Section 106), thus spending less time in lines and more time chatting while not watching baseball.

Top Five Concession Stands

Here’s some of the food concession stands we’re looking forward to.

5) La Casita Pupuseria (Section 140) – I love El Savadorian pupusas, and will eat them all. Pro Tip: Seek out the pupusas.

4) Taco Caminando (Section 233) – Enjoy these tasty ‘walking tacos’ aka a taco in a bowl. Pro Tip: They had me at Taco.

3) Bao Bao (Section 116) – Very fine and delicious steamed buns, thank you very much. Pro Tip: Seek out the Hoisin Pork Bao. Also, see Disney’s Oscar-winning short cartoon Bao.

2) CHIKO (Section 238) – Danny Lee and Scott Drewno’s excellent restaurant on Barracks Row is expanding, and you can get their full menu at the Park. CHIKO was voted the overall favorite new option by attending media. Pro Tip: Seek out the Bulgogi Hoagie (cool to say, awesome to eat) and the Korean fried chicken wings (so good).

1) Caviar (Section 106) – Speaking of Caviar, at their concession stand they will feature a very cool rotating line-up of options. They start with Tiger Fork, and later focus on Mason Dixie, Duke’s Grocery and Toki Underground. Pro Tip: Seek out all of these. They are all excellent, and this is such a good idea.

Bonus Time: Old Hickory BBQ – This BBQ is delicious. Pro Tip: Seek out the ribs. And the ribs too.


Nationals Park Food Facts
  • On average, approximately 720,000 hot dogs, 60,000 sausages, 29,000 cheesesteaks, and 75,000 slices of house-made pizza are sold at Nationals Park each season.
  • 45,000 pounds of BBQ meat are smoked each year at Nationals Park.
  • 5,700 gallons of ketchup were used by Nationals fans during the 2018 season.

So many food options available, and plenty of Nationals games to check them all out. Enjoy your baseball!

Caviar app has a concession stand
Caviar app has a concession stand @ Nationals Park

Taco Caminando
Taco Caminando @ Nationals Park

La Casita Pupuseria
La Casita Pupuseria @ Nationals Park

Bao Bao
Bao Bao @ Nationals Park

CHIKO @ Nationals Park


Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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