Do This: 2018 DC Beer Fest @ Nationals Park (4/21/18)

Nationals Park
Nationals Park (Photo from:

Spring is coming fast and the beer festivals will soon be flowing fast and furious.

You’ll have so many beer or wine festivals to choose from, you may suffer from festival paralysis.

We here at A DC Journey feel the same. But there are always a few we like (or believe we will like), and will do our best to point you in right direction.

Organized by Drink Eat Play, the annual spring DC Beer Fest at Nationals Park on April 21st is one to consider giving away your money in exchange for sweet, sudsy beer.

Aside from the perfect setting, just as Nationals baseball is getting under way, it will feature 80 breweries with over 200 beers. Plus food trucks, DJs and games and most of the DC-based breweries.

Wait, you say, that’s like every other beer festival? The price is a bit more reasonable than some of the others, and again Nats Park. You can also bounce over to Bardo’s beer garden or The Salt Line or Yards Park afterwards to keep the party going.

Some of the local breweries you should hone in on: Fairwinds, Hellbender, Wild Wolf, Port City, 3 Stars and Caboose!

Get your tickets here.

Tickets are $45 for unlimited tastings. Food sold separately.
Two sessions: 12-3pm or 5-8pm

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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