Do This: Free Admission to National Parks for MLK Jr. Day (1/15/18)

Out of the Mountain of Despair A Stone of Hope
MLK Jr. Statue (Photo from Flickr; Credit: F Delventhal)

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with free admission to all National Parks and units!

All parks managed by the National Park Service that normally charge a fee (and there are 116 of them), will be free on Monday, January 15th.

Head over to Shenandoah National Park or venture further away!

Also specifically in DC, from the National Park Service on how to celebrate MLK Jr. Day:

“Reflect on his life and legacy at parks with personal ties to Dr. King:

  • Stand on the exact spot where he stood while delivering the “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial.
  • Gaze at his larger-than-life carving and read his inspirational quotes at the Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial.”

Read more here.

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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