Eat This: Lunch Tasting Menu @ China Chilcano

Aji de Gallina
Aji de Gallina

Chinese and Peruvian food together at last? Why not!

While doing my civic duty (posing as a juror) at the H. Carl Moultrie Courthouse for five days, I explored the lunch options in the Gallery Place/Chinatown neighborhood.

One of the standouts was the lunch tasting menu at China Chilcano, a Chinese and Peruvian fusion restaurant in José Andrés’ food empire. This blending of two great cuisines is known as Chifa, which forms an interesting and delicious sounding menu.

For $20, you pick three items from the Lunch In An Hour! menu.

I chose the starter of Siu Mai Pollo, dumplings chock-full of chicken, mushrooms, scallions, and ají amarillo chili peppers. Good way to start.

The main dish of Aji de Gallina, which was the highlight of the meal. This Peruvian-style stew with chicken and the chili peppers was fantastic. There was an egg (quail?), along with olives and potatoes on a delicious creamy paste with a bit of rice. I will go all the way to Peru just to have this.

And for desert I selected the Supiro Limeña, a custard with sweetened condensed milk and a mix of both soft and crunchy meringue, with a dollop of passion fruit. So good. I was glad this was only served in a small dish because I was full.

I also ordered a Chicha morada to sip on, because that’s what you do.

China Chilcano (418 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20004)

Siu Mai Pollo
Siu Mai Pollo
Suspiro Limeña
Supiro Limeña

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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