Concert Review: BAYLI @ 9:30 Club (11/18/22)

BAYLI (Photo from @BayliMusic)

BAYLI (Bayli Mckeithan) opened for synth-poppers Magdalena Bay at the 9:30 Club on November 18th to great acclaim among the steadily growing crowd.

From Brooklyn, BAYLI released her second EP in October, titled Stories 2. She performed for a memorable 30 minutes, and was able to drop 12 songs in total, including five (of six) from the new EP. Most of these short gems hit within the 2 to 2-1/2 minute mark, proving the maxim that sometimes less can be more.

BAYLI started out as the lead singer of a Brooklyn rock band called The Skins, comprised of two of her siblings and a couple friends. However, after the band went on hiatus, she went solo as a queer pop singer and songwriter in 2018.

She was accompanied by one backing band member, on the guitar and keyboard. As she moved across the stage, with a giant BAYLI moniker hovering in the background, she was a whirlwind of motion, singing, dancing, or engaging the crowd. Her day glow green skirt was an unmistakable beacon in the 9:30 Club, where green symbolized the furious energy she put into the performance (probably).

She kicked off with the banger “think of drugs” from Stories 2. It speaks to her witnessing drug addiction growing up, and how that had a ripple effect on her later relationships. ‘It don’t matter how I feel, when the pain is really real.”

Later she performed “foreigner”, from her first EP titled stories from new york (via Snafu). She dedicated it to New York City, which is a major theme weaving throughout all of her work. The groovy dance beats and smooth lyrics told a tale of a one night stand with someone on their wedding night, with ‘no explanations’ and ‘no expectations’.

Next BAYLI played three consecutive anthems from Stories 2, including “ur mine”, about choosing someone that rocks your world. “pressure”, her latest single mixing in a little R&B, is about being lonely on the road while touring, and needing the person back home to answer the call and be there for her. The last of the three was “act up”, about the roller coaster ride of being in a relationship with a strong women. This song in particular, with the 9:30 Club now almost completely full and the crowd thoroughly engaged, showcased her incredible voice. It was probably my favorite song of the set.

She closed with three more songs from stories from new york, starting with “16”, which BAYLI shared was super meaningful because it is about her mother. The final song was “sushi for breakfast”, her biggest hit on Spotify so far. Cheers emerged from those that already knew this song, and the set ended in a crescendo of joyful dancing and atmospheric beats.

All in all, it was clear BAYLI’s performance won over any fans of Magdalena Bay that didn’t already know her music.

Get yourself a copy of Stories 2, and be on the look out for BAYLI’s next foray to DC!


  1. think of drugs
  2. boys lie
  4. demon time (Mura Masa cover with BAYLI)
  5. clown shit (up the wall) (BABYNYMPH cover with BAYLI)
  6. foreigner
  7. ur mine
  8. pressure
  9. act up
  10. 16
  11. say it back
  12. sushi for breakfast

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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