Concert Pick: Mount Eerie & Julie Doiron @ Miracle Theatre (12/16/19)

Mount Eerie & Julie Doiron
Mount Eerie & Julie Doiron (Photo Credit: Rin San Jeff Miller)

It may be the only time you’ll have to witness these songs live!

Come over to the Miracle Theatre on December 16th for Mount Eerie (aka Phil Elverum), performing with Julie Doiron.

Phil is from Anacortes, Washington and is the principle member of Mount Eerie. He does perform with others, like Julie (from New Brunswick, Canada) for this tour, and with whom he created a joint album titled Lost Wisdom pt. 2 (via P.W. Elverum & Sun). The songs are written by Phil, about the loss of his first wife and divorce from his second. This is the second album Phil and Julie have created together, this being the sequel to 2008’s Lost Wisdom.

Mount Eerie incorporates a mix of indie rock and folk, and both “Belief PT. 2” and “Love Without Possession” from the new album, are moody portrayals of believing in love, with Phil and Julie slowing harmonizing over quiet guitars and piano. It’s wistfully sublime music to get lost in contemplation before a roaring fire or a sunset.

Since the songs are meant to be performed together, this tour may be the only time they are performed live.

So get your tickets here.

Tickets are $25. Doors open at the Miracle Theatre at 7pm. Show at 8pm. Julie Doiron will also perform.

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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